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External materialization, after transaction timeout, LoadState continues to be LOADING



      For some unknown reason, sometimes a materialized view takes more time to finish the load/update than the one defined in transaction timeout (300 seconds is the default value, and we have configured 600 seconds to try to solve the problem).

      The transaction reaper will kill the update transaction. The LoadState in status table will be LOADING.

      Any subsequent try to update the view will fail, since the system reads the state as being LOADING even if the system is not currently updating it.

      Example log next.

      The update took too long (more than 10 minutes [defined transaction timeout]):

      2017-02-17 16:10:44,487 INFO  [org.teiid.COMMAND_LOG] (NIO6) gZueFR0aNjgi       START USER COMMAND:     startTime=2017-02-17 16:10:44.487     requestID=gZueFR0aNjgi.11       txID=null       sessionID=gZueFR0aNjgi  applicationName=JDBC    principal=manel vdbName=CountryServiceListVDB vdbVersion=1    sql={call SYSADMIN.loadMatView(?, ?)}
      2017-02-17 16:20:44,528 WARN  [com.arjuna.ats.arjuna] (Transaction Reaper)  ARJUNA012117: TransactionReaper::check timeout for TX 0:ffff0a080174:21ddbdf0:58a71a32:cb in state  RUN
      2017-02-17 16:20:44,564 WARN  [com.arjuna.ats.arjuna] (Transaction Reaper Worker 0)  ARJUNA012121: TransactionReaper::doCancellations worker Thread[Transaction Reaper Worker 0,5,main] successfully canceled TX 0:ffff0a080174:21ddbdf0:58a71a32:cb

      Next I tried to update the view:

      2017-02-17 16:29:21,272 INFO  [org.teiid.COMMAND_LOG] (NIO2) E1xyKpChGKvC       START USER COMMAND:     startTime=2017-02-17 16:29:21.272     requestID=E1xyKpChGKvC.7        txID=null       sessionID=E1xyKpChGKvC  applicationName=JDBC    principal=manel vdbName=CountryServiceListVDB vdbVersion=1    sql=EXECUTE SYSADMIN.loadMatView('CountryServiceListCalculatedRaw','country_service_list_calculated_raw')
      2017-02-17 16:29:21,391 INFO  [org.teiid.COMMAND_LOG] (Worker25_QueryProcessorQueue18136) E1xyKpChGKvC  END USER COMMAND:       endTime=2017-02-17 16:29:21.391       requestID=E1xyKpChGKvC.7        txID=null       sessionID=E1xyKpChGKvC  principal=manel vdbName=CountryServiceListVDB vdbVersion=1    finalRowCount=1

      And nothing happened.

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