[RF-12950] Move Showcase ftests from QA repo to the examples/showcase module and mark some of them as smoke tests Created: 29/Apr/13  Updated: 26/Aug/14  Resolved: 20/Aug/14

Status: Closed
Project: RichFaces
Component/s: tests - functional
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: 4.5.0.Beta1

Type: Task Priority: Major
Reporter: Lukáš Fryč Assignee: Juraj Húska
Resolution: Done Votes: 0
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Remaining Estimate: 1 day
Time Spent: Not Specified
Original Estimate: 1 day

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Sprint: 4.5.0.Beta1 - Bug Fix Sprint, 4.5.0.Beta1 - Upgrade Sprint, 4.5.0.Beta1 - Final Sprint


Smoke tests should verify that basic showcase functionality works as expected.

Full showcase test suite can be moved into RF5 repository then.

Comment by Brian Leathem [ 01/May/13 ]

Where are the tests now? ie. you say move them to the showcase module, where are they coming from?

Comment by Lukáš Fryč [ 02/May/13 ]

They are now in the QA repository.

Comment by Pavol Pitonak [ 02/May/13 ]

This was on my mind for some time. I think it is a good idea, we just need to investigate how much QE effort would be needed.

Comment by Lukáš Fryč [ 02/May/13 ]

Question is then if we should move whole history of tests or just snapshot.

Comment by Pavol Pitonak [ 02/May/13 ]

IMHO we don't need history for tests. Lukas, Juraj, what do you think?

Comment by Juraj Húska [ 02/May/13 ]

I have not needed to use any git history information so far, that is why SNAPSHOT is good for me.

Comment by Juraj Húska [ 07/Jun/13 ]

When this will be resolved, RFPL-2976 should be done.

Comment by Juraj Húska [ 27/Jun/13 ]

I have proceeded with this task. This commit contains state of the art of my work.

It is not intended to be PL yet. There are some things to do:

  • some of the tests need to be stabilized further, they are marked as @Category(Failing.class)
  • there are only WebDriver tests ported, Graphene1 tests were deleted.
  • To cover better {@Smoke}} testing (all major parts of the framework should be tested in a reasonable time (1 min ?)) some of the tests need to be rewritten to WebDriver.
Comment by Brian Leathem [ 28/Jun/13 ]

Nice! Kepp up the good work Juraj Húska, this will be a great addition to framework testing, allowing the dev to catch many regressions before they get to QA.

Comment by Juraj Húska [ 26/Jul/13 ]

I have PL for review.

The tests were migrated. IMHO there is now enough tests for Smoke testing. I have marked as Smoke tests one method for this component:

  • validation: r:message
  • r:extendedDataTable - selection sample
  • r:ajax
  • r:dataTable - arrangeablemodel JPA integration
  • r:dataTable - sorting
  • r:push JMS

There should be probably more, but I leave to determine the balance between the smoke testing duration and extent to a further discussion.

Lot of tests (20 out of 169) are not stable. They are marked with @Category(Failing.class). IMHO it can be merged and used, and I will stabilize it further.

Comment by Juraj Húska [ 26/Jul/13 ]

Rejecting pull request, because I forget that it depends on richfaces-qa repository.

This will be solved once

  • page fragments are moved to different repository (RF-12802)
  • as well as XHRHalter to build-resources.

Then we can proceed with this showcase-ftest migrating.

Comment by Pavol Pitonak [ 12/Sep/13 ]

During community meeting on 10 Sep 2013 we agreed that there will be a new Showcase in RichFaces 5 and therefore it doesn't make sense to move test.

Comment by Juraj Húska [ 04/Aug/14 ]

Running integration-tests profile from within showcase folder is blocked by RF-13754.

I started with removing the dependency which causes this.

I will also introduce deployment and then handover to Martin Tomasek for further migration.

Comment by Juraj Húska [ 04/Aug/14 ]

I have pushed the changes into this branch:

I added there one dummy test.

Test can be run in the same way as integration tests from core, rich or a4j package. They should follow the same naming conventions.

Comment by Martin Tomasek [ 06/Aug/14 ]

I migrated test and pushed them to

Now I am waiting for complete Jenkins job, to verify, that all tests were migrated successfully.

Comment by Michal Petrov [ 20/Aug/14 ]

Merged the PR, good job Juraj Húska and Martin Tomasek.

Comment by Martin Tomasek [ 26/Aug/14 ]

Verified. Closing

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