Release Notes - Teiid - Version 11.2 - HTML format

Quality Risk

  • [TEIID-5467] - Sorted tuple sources are not proactively cleaned in window function processing
  • [TEIID-5468] - Potentially unexpected results due to null ordering with window functions
  • [TEIID-5472] - Clean up window function project node implementation
  • [TEIID-5506] - Remove the option of using qualified logins entirely


  • [TEIID-2947] - Implement ODBC cancel
  • [TEIID-3931] - Add support for odata service geospatial handling
  • [TEIID-4932] - Support defining UDFs based upon a class and or function
  • [TEIID-5311] - Sybase implicit Convertion of String value 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm' into a Date value Causes mismatches in JDV Date comparison
  • [TEIID-5316] - Support the window function frame clause
  • [TEIID-5459] - Support for large counts/ranks
  • [TEIID-5462] - Netezza error: NzSQLException-netezza.max.stmt.handles
  • [TEIID-5469] - Allow concat aggregates to work with over order by
  • [TEIID-5470] - Improve window function processing with order by over a literal
  • [TEIID-5497] - MetadataRepository can't be implemented
  • [TEIID-5502] - Add better JDBC array support

Feature Request


  • [TEIID-4695] - Provide a better error with an invalid skipToken
  • [TEIID-5466] - Sessions are not being cleaned up in vdb reuse scenarios
  • [TEIID-5471] - string_agg should return null rather than empty over no values
  • [TEIID-5474] - NPE on Complex Query with Procedure Call in SELECT
  • [TEIID-5475] - nth_value is incorrect for some initial values
  • [TEIID-5477] - Incorrect results with lead/lag over windows with duplicates
  • [TEIID-5479] - Pushdown name is inconsistent for non-system aggreages
  • [TEIID-5482] - Dynamic SQL: Executing Dynamic SQL Throws an Error
  • [TEIID-5483] - OData polygon wkt is reversed from jts
  • [TEIID-5485] - JOIN of a table and sub-query containing DISTINCT and table function of a procedural call with arguments fails
  • [TEIID-5486] - geospatial functions are not associating srid with new values
  • [TEIID-5488] - Type query override added for TEIID-5236 always returns array type = true
  • [TEIID-5496] - archetype docs imply that they are published every release


  • [TEIID-5463] - Remove OSGI bundle building
  • [TEIID-5465] - Run the arquillian tests with the travis build


  • [TEIID-5392] - Define how other artifacts are included in a vdb archive
  • [TEIID-5394] - Define how to utilize multiple vdbs
  • [TEIID-5460] - Update Teiid docker example
  • [TEIID-5461] - Add parsing and push down support for the frame clause
  • [TEIID-5464] - OData regressions after 4.5 upgrade
  • [TEIID-5478] - Add engine support for nth_value
  • [TEIID-5498] - Allow the pg layer to work for simple selects with the postgres_fdw

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