Release Notes - Teiid - Version 10.1 - HTML format

Quality Risk

  • [TEIID-5007] - Changes to reduce Teiid in the cloud footprint
  • [TEIID-5097] - Cannot run time-based queries against Osisoft PI
  • [TEIID-5106] - Tables names are case sensitive in Postgres/Oracle/MSSQL but not in Teiid.
  • [TEIID-5151] - cli scripts should set logging pattren
  • [TEIID-5154] - Missing default method for IsDistinct
  • [TEIID-5161] - Push down rand() function
  • [TEIID-5174] - Filter internal constructs from oracle metadata
  • [TEIID-5176] - Postgresql ODBC driver converts {fn CONCAT()} calls to a "textcat()" function
  • [TEIID-5188] - Update swagger libraries
  • [TEIID-5190] - Postgresql translator does not support expressions in group by
  • [TEIID-5212] - Additional optimization of left outer joins
  • [TEIID-5218] - Better exception for positional parameter in virtual layer


  • [TEIID-5131] - Create ansible playbooks for the ansible service broker


  • [TEIID-4851] - Random errors about PostGIS without using it
  • [TEIID-5122] - Osisoft Translator - Teiid pushes cast from Boolean to Single/Double
  • [TEIID-5123] - Osisoft translator - Cannot cast String to Float if value is negative
  • [TEIID-5124] - Osisoft translator - Syntax error on datasource for queries with LOCATE
  • [TEIID-5126] - Osisoft translator - SUBSTRING fails when start > string length
  • [TEIID-5127] - Osisoft translator - MOD fails with non-integer arguments
  • [TEIID-5132] - max-active-plans property limit one higher than set.
  • [TEIID-5136] - Osisoft translator - NPE when running query with LATERAL JOIN
  • [TEIID-5137] - SystemAdmin.usage column dependency issue
  • [TEIID-5138] - JGroups Channel creation in domain mode is invalid
  • [TEIID-5139] - Reached maximum thread count "10" for worker pool "async-teiid-threads"
  • [TEIID-5140] - Teiid 10 postgres driver version
  • [TEIID-5141] - Osisoft translator - ANY and SOME expressions cause syntax errors on datasource
  • [TEIID-5143] - Infinispan hotrod translator proto-schema registered as ProtoFilePath
  • [TEIID-5144] - Infinispan hotrod translator doesn't overcome error in unrelated proto-schema
  • [TEIID-5145] - Logged as 'anonymous' when configuring OAuth2 for OData using KeyCloak
  • [TEIID-5146] - UNION of two similar JOIN queries fails with ASSERTION FAILED error if it contains table function of procedural call with arguments
  • [TEIID-5152] - "No value was available" error message when evaluating an expression
  • [TEIID-5153] - RAND function gives same results in view
  • [TEIID-5164] - Infinispan hotrod translator aggregate functions issues
  • [TEIID-5166] - Google spreadsheet insert fails
  • [TEIID-5168] - PrestoDB translator - Convert to float not pushed correctly
  • [TEIID-5171] - Forward navigation of expand returns wrong results.
  • [TEIID-5172] - Missing message for key "TEIID31262"
  • [TEIID-5173] - Swagger API mixup
  • [TEIID-5175] - Binding of Hive date types should not use the calendar
  • [TEIID-5177] - Enforce stricter naming in SQL/DDL
  • [TEIID-5178] - doc formatting issues
  • [TEIID-5180] - Execution of stored procedure with parameters failed on Teiid
  • [TEIID-5182] - OData4 Imported MXD properties have a space
  • [TEIID-5183] - NPE in Swagger translator
  • [TEIID-5184] - Clob not supported in dynamic VDB
  • [TEIID-5186] - NPE in QueryResolver when calling virtual procedure
  • [TEIID-5187] - Swagger translator does not handle null procedure parameters
  • [TEIID-5189] - Empty XmlElement throws an NPE when passed for the non-nullable parameter
  • [TEIID-5191] - Osisoft translator - AVG on integral column returns NULL
  • [TEIID-5192] - Osisoft Translator - selecting ABS on a long value causes NPE
  • [TEIID-5193] - Osisoft translator - correlated subquery on HAVING clause fails
  • [TEIID-5194] - Osisoft translator - MAX and MIN on boolean column cause an error
  • [TEIID-5195] - Osisoft translator - applying LIMIT on a UNION query causes syntax error
  • [TEIID-5196] - Osisoft Translator - Wrong data returned for some JOIN queries when integer and float columns are compared
  • [TEIID-5197] - Osisoft Translator - Wrong pushdown for DAYOFYEAR
  • [TEIID-5198] - Procedure names containing . do not resolve properly
  • [TEIID-5199] - Infinispan hotrod translator correlated subquery with where criteria issue
  • [TEIID-5200] - INSERT INTO query fails in BEGIN ATOMIC block if data is obtained from atomic procedure which catches some exception
  • [TEIID-5201] - Update teiid pg_type schema to match PostgreSQL pg_type in support of NPGsql provider
  • [TEIID-5203] - Google Spreadsheet translator NPE thrown on UPDATE
  • [TEIID-5204] - NOW() is calculated several times for SYS tables
  • [TEIID-5216] - JBOSS - Teiid 9.2.1 unable to return DateTimeOffset ODatatype values
  • [TEIID-5217] - preserve hint should be honored by rule plan outer joins


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