Release Notes - WildFly Core - Version 2.0.8.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [WFCORE-1194] - Name for wildcard resources should be configurable in parser
  • [WFCORE-1319] - Suggested defaults for Metasize and Java 8

Feature Request

  • [WFCORE-1023] - embed-host-controller doesn't test the parameter value emptiness


  • [WFCORE-929] - CLI is terminated unexpectedly after type "u" on HPUX
  • [WFCORE-1066] - Parameter -Djboss.domain.log.dir does not have effect on HP-UX when directory does not exist
  • [WFCORE-1084] - Standalone powershell script does't support SECMGR=true environment variable
  • [WFCORE-1199] - CLI Lists in non-interactive mode are erroneously split into multiple commands
  • [WFCORE-1229] - Reloading the embed host controller logs ERROR messages
  • [WFCORE-1232] - Adjust patching tests to use merged patches
  • [WFCORE-1257] - support query filter implementation in MBeanServerConnection
  • [WFCORE-1273] - Can not add property after change of class in custom log formatter.
  • [WFCORE-1277] - Embed-server from CLI launch shows twice prompt string
  • [WFCORE-1285] - Handle LDAP role DN's that contain special characters better
  • [WFCORE-1288] - installing CP over one-off fails if the modules patched by the one-off are not patched in the CP
  • [WFCORE-1292] - SocketBindingManager.createMulticast/DatagramSocket(...) variants needed for unbound sockets
  • [WFCORE-1297] - deploy --url command creates invalid deployment
  • [WFCORE-1302] - Rename wildfly-launcher.jar to launcher.jar
  • [WFCORE-1304] - WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("clean-obsolete-content") failed .. StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when OS puts metadata files in content repo
  • [WFCORE-1311] - WFCORE-893 Fix breaks mixed-domain
  • [WFCORE-1316] - patch apply command not working as expected in non-interactive mode in domain mode
  • [WFCORE-1331] - CLI input redirection regression


  • [WFCORE-1314] - Propertly handle java 9 version string
  • [WFCORE-1322] - Change org.jboss.log4j.logmanger from public to private

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