Release Notes - WildFly Core - Version 2.0.5.CR1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [WFCORE-366] - Support timeout of management operations
  • [WFCORE-1163] - Provide an API to access the main XML element parsers


  • [WFCORE-378] - Domain rollout operation timeouts
  • [WFCORE-851] - Remoting Subsystem RemoteOutboundConnectionService is caching ConnectionURI causing issues when DNS changes
  • [WFCORE-950] - Embedded server started non-modular use first passed --jboss-home value only
  • [WFCORE-1095] - Remove dependency on bouncycastle
  • [WFCORE-1134] - A java.lang.Error in Stage.DONE can lead to hangs
  • [WFCORE-1175] - CLI prints unexpected ANSI characters to output with "echo" command
  • [WFCORE-1188] - Exiting CLI requires stty sane command to be issued on Linux
  • [WFCORE-1189] - Fix Oracle JVM version comparison for new JDK 9 version schema
  • [WFCORE-1191] - Deprecate permgen attributes in the management model
  • [WFCORE-1202] - LDAP authentication/authorization fails due to making unneeded role lookup requests
  • [WFCORE-1210] - Transformations are not triggered for aliases
  • [WFCORE-1212] - TestModule does not clean up after itself properly
  • [WFCORE-1213] - Graceful shutdown is interfering with the 'kill' and 'destroy' operations
  • [WFCORE-1214] - Operation headers not propagated to domain servers when 'composite' op is used
  • [WFCORE-1218] - Connecting to controller via new CommandContext instance leak threads

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