Release Notes - WildFly Core - Version 2.0.4.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [WFCORE-1162] - Need ResourceTransformationDescriptionBuilder.addChildRedirection(...) variant with a DynamicDiscardPolicy


  • [WFCORE-889] - Kerberos authentication for Management CLI should fallback when server principal is set incorrectly
  • [WFCORE-1067] - CVE-2015-5304 Missing authorization check for Monitor/Deployer/Auditor role when shutting down server or canceling op
  • [WFCORE-1136] - Subsystem parser tests fail when woodstox parser is on classpath
  • [WFCORE-1164] - Warning about private module use issued twice
  • [WFCORE-1166] - CompositeTransformer does not transform addresses
  • [WFCORE-1168] - Incorrect null check in SimpleResourceDefinition.Parameter.setDeprecatedSince
  • [WFCORE-1169] - EAP welcome page gives 404 if JBOSS_HOME contains lower case drive letter (Windows)
  • [WFCORE-1185] - "initial-running-mode" attribute from "/core-service=server-environment" has wrong description

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