Release Notes - WildFly Core - Version 2.0.2.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [WFCORE-1118] - Upgrade to WildFly Elytron 1.0.2.Final


  • [WFCORE-1056] - InstanceAlreadyExistsException in logs while starting embed-server after failure
  • [WFCORE-1074] - Intermittent failure in DeploymentScannerUnitTestCase
  • [WFCORE-1077] - Properties authentication in Security Realms does not work with equals sign in password
  • [WFCORE-1085] - Linux and powershell standalone script should be unified in restart logs
  • [WFCORE-1089] - IgnoredResourcesProfileCloneTestCase does not wait for domain stabilization following reload
  • [WFCORE-1091] - Kerberos authentication for remoting on hostname which contains uppercase letter
  • [WFCORE-1092] - ConfigurationChangeResourceRemoveHandler makes its changes in the constructor not in execute
  • [WFCORE-1107] - DirectoryNotEmptyException on undeploy of ear
  • [WFCORE-1115] - Intermittent failures of CompositeOperationTestCase & CoreResourceManagementTestCase
  • [WFCORE-1119] - ManagedDatagramSocketBinding throw NPE
  • [WFCORE-1120] - Launcher sets "" also with IPv6 profile
  • [WFCORE-1127] - SocketBindingManagerImpl$UnnamedRegistryImpl is overly picky about unbound sockets
  • [WFCORE-1132] - Only set socket send and receive buffer sizes if it is in the Remoting subsystem configuration
  • [WFCORE-1133] - JDK 1.8 on Mac causes javax.script.ScriptEngineFactory: Provider apple.applescript.AppleScriptEngineFactory not found
  • [WFCORE-1138] - Operation ("clean-obsolete-content") failed NPE

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