Release Notes - Keycloak - Version 1.5.0.Final - HTML format


  • [KEYCLOAK-1697] - Uncomment UserModelTest.testSearchByUserAttributes and review UserProvider.searchForUserByUserAttributes
  • [KEYCLOAK-1702] - Make Infinispan cache default and remove in-mem cache
  • [KEYCLOAK-1703] - Make Infinispan user session default and remove in-mem, jpa and mongo user session providers
  • [KEYCLOAK-1747] - Deal with time inconsistency in keycloak.js
  • [KEYCLOAK-1761] - Remove address from registration and account management
  • [KEYCLOAK-1762] - Add example theme that adds address fields to registration, account management and admin console
  • [KEYCLOAK-1778] - attempt basic auth if configured and bearer-only flag on
  • [KEYCLOAK-1783] - NPE in json import
  • [KEYCLOAK-1793] - Remove cancel button on login page
  • [KEYCLOAK-1795] - Add just one clientAuthenticatorType per client
  • [KEYCLOAK-1801] - Suggestions to improving client credentials tab

Feature Request


  • [KEYCLOAK-1130] - security-deployment vs. secure-deployment in the documentation
  • [KEYCLOAK-1161] - web.xml example in the doc is incorrect
  • [KEYCLOAK-1375] - Identity Provider Mapper Attribute Name can not be null
  • [KEYCLOAK-1497] - Success message is not displayed when assigning roles
  • [KEYCLOAK-1503] - Enabling CORS on keycloak.json and using Resteasy CorsFilter results in duplicate CORS Response Headers
  • [KEYCLOAK-1539] - Accessing secured resource should not return 200 OK when not authenticated
  • [KEYCLOAK-1543] - reset-password-email ignores redirect_uri
  • [KEYCLOAK-1561] - LDAPDn.getParentDn() return value is not a DN
  • [KEYCLOAK-1562] - Make LDAP UUID attribute optional
  • [KEYCLOAK-1581] - Spring Security Adapter doesn't populate client roles
  • [KEYCLOAK-1584] - Username conflict
  • [KEYCLOAK-1595] - Kerberos with IE does not work
  • [KEYCLOAK-1713] - Adapter on Wildfly 8 - Exception handling request to /secure-portal: javax.servlet.ServletException: UT010032: Authenticationfailed
  • [KEYCLOAK-1721] - Identity Provider Redirect URI Isn't Escaped
  • [KEYCLOAK-1723] - OpenID Connect aud claim can be an array
  • [KEYCLOAK-1725] - Migration from 1.1.0 fails on Oracle
  • [KEYCLOAK-1726] - Brute Force Detection ON/OFF switch doesn't enable Save/Cancel buttons after second change
  • [KEYCLOAK-1728] - NPE during LDAP sync when some LDAP user doesn't have username
  • [KEYCLOAK-1729] - demo-dist does not boot
  • [KEYCLOAK-1731] - Cannot show custom fields (user.attributes) on login-update-profile.ftl page
  • [KEYCLOAK-1732] - Running demo distribution with default standalone.xml doesn't work
  • [KEYCLOAK-1741] - Login form clears "Username or email" field after reshown due validation error
  • [KEYCLOAK-1745] - Keycloak fails to start on Wildfly 10.0.0.Alpha6
  • [KEYCLOAK-1759] - Cannot upload older realm dump
  • [KEYCLOAK-1760] - Cannot delete Realm with schema option defined on SQL Server 2012
  • [KEYCLOAK-1768] - Reset Credential Flow
  • [KEYCLOAK-1775] - Basic authentication should not redirect after successful login
  • [KEYCLOAK-1776] - JettySessionTokenStore doesn't restore ContentType for Forms
  • [KEYCLOAK-1777] - Column \"USERFEDERA0_.REALMENTITY_ID\" not found on Wildfly 10.0.0.Beta1
  • [KEYCLOAK-1779] - NPE due to missing web.xml/jboss-web.xml config
  • [KEYCLOAK-1789] - Can't import file with more realms without realm ids in representation
  • [KEYCLOAK-1791] - Exception on logout on EAP 6.4 overlay
  • [KEYCLOAK-1794] - Admin console issues with kc-provider-config directive
  • [KEYCLOAK-1796] - Tabs on Keycloak identity provider shown twice
  • [KEYCLOAK-1799] - Download adapter config from admin console for "signed JWT" clients
  • [KEYCLOAK-1800] - Save buttons not aligned correctly on otp-policy and flow-bindings pages
  • [KEYCLOAK-1803] - On/off switches in mappers doesn't work
  • [KEYCLOAK-1804] - Replace -snapshot with startup time in resource urls
  • [KEYCLOAK-1805] - "address" theme causes exception for login theme
  • [KEYCLOAK-1806] - oauth-client example fails if you say "no" to grant
  • [KEYCLOAK-1808] - Revoke Grant button should disappear
  • [KEYCLOAK-1811] - Configuration of client adapter with signed JWT client authentication through subsystem/XML doesn't work
  • [KEYCLOAK-1812] - View user attributes in admin console doesn't work
  • [KEYCLOAK-1816] - LocaleHelper prints info 'Locale en is not supported'
  • [KEYCLOAK-1818] - Authenticator example doesn't work when deployed as a module
  • [KEYCLOAK-1821] - Error during export/import: java.lang.NullPointerException
  • [KEYCLOAK-1824] - ClientIdAndSecretCredentialsProvider not found when deploying Fuse examples
  • [KEYCLOAK-1825] - Missing migration + export/import + admin console setup of reset credentials flow
  • [KEYCLOAK-1986] - HTTPS Reverse Proxy


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