Release Notes - AeroGear Push - Version ups-1.1.1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [AGPUSH-1533] - Upgrade angular-router from 0.5.0 to 0.5.3


  • [AGPUSH-1499] - UX Unexpected behavior of "Register a device" button
  • [AGPUSH-1500] - UX After filtering out all activity logs, the table disappears and is substituted with blank slate
  • [AGPUSH-1520] - Implement deduplication of token batches as a failover strategy
  • [AGPUSH-1527] - Allow to run migrate script from UPS source base
  • [AGPUSH-1532] - UPS Console: Clear $timeouts/$intervals on view $destroy event

Feature Request

  • [AGPUSH-1445] - MetricsCollector incorrectly counts serverBatches, so the sending process seem to not have finished
  • [AGPUSH-1534] - Update UPS 1.1.0 doc links
  • [AGPUSH-1535] - Java Sender guide is outdated
  • [AGPUSH-1541] - Update AdminUI build to newer Node.js version
  • [AGPUSH-1543] - Restrict criteria metadata in push information object
  • [AGPUSH-1545] - NullPointerException when message is rejected by APNs
  • [AGPUSH-1550] - Document System properties for tweaking UPS
  • [AGPUSH-1554] - UI improvements for UPS
  • [AGPUSH-1562] - decrease ios batch number for APNs
  • [AGPUSH-1563] - APNS: support loc-key and loc-args parameters
  • [AGPUSH-1566] - Support for large notifications
  • [AGPUSH-1585] - Concurrent Push Requests for same variant(s) cause Analytic UI issues


  • [AGPUSH-1321] - Leverage JMS for notification sending


  • [AGPUSH-1485] - notification detail will collapse instantly if there is some pending notification in a list
  • [AGPUSH-1503] - Duplicate button "Renew Variant Secret"
  • [AGPUSH-1504] - After renewing, code examples contains invalid master secret
  • [AGPUSH-1540] - placeholder for Google Messaging key input box is confusing
  • [AGPUSH-1549] - Java Sender using config file should handle URLs without ending "/"
  • [AGPUSH-1567] - APNs ttl is incorrectly pass to APNs
  • [AGPUSH-1568] - Extra entries getting inserted in category table when an installation is updated

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