Release Notes - WildFly - Version 10.0.0.CR3 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [WFLY-5470] - Upgrade subsystem archetype and example to WildFly 10

Feature Request

  • [WFLY-3757] - systemd script
  • [WFLY-4515] - Fix clustering transformers and reenable in mixed-domain tests
  • [WFLY-5478] - allow custom scoped persistence unit name hint in persistence unit definition
  • [WFLY-5489] - Fix and and add missing transformations for EAP in modcluster subsystem


  • [WFLY-3740] - does not compute correct module path in Cygwin
  • [WFLY-5009] - TimeoutException: Could not acquire lock during server startup causes operation ("deploy") to fail
  • [WFLY-5015] - RunAs in servlet doesn't work
  • [WFLY-5047] - Many opened JMS sessions cause connection timed out
  • [WFLY-5132] - Authorization does not work correctly for remoting EJB when kerberos is only authentication module in security realm
  • [WFLY-5135] - Infinispan cluster topology rebalance
  • [WFLY-5186] - TimeoutException: Unable to acquire lock after 15 seconds
  • [WFLY-5189] - Eliminate "discarding discovery request for cluster=X from Y; our cluster name is Z" WARN messages
  • [WFLY-5374] - Server start-up fails on IBM JDK 1.8 (64-bit) on RHEL 6/7 in full/full-ha profile
  • [WFLY-5383] - xsd/dtd files in docs/schema not related to management, mainly from opensaml and othr cxf related artifacts
  • [WFLY-5426] - Data sources other than h2 cannot be added to domain servers
  • [WFLY-5428] - Xml files from wildfly don't end with "new line character"
  • [WFLY-5447] - Removing virtual server which has access log fails first time and succeeds the second time
  • [WFLY-5461] - Getting "Attribute 'enabled' in the resource at address ... is deprecated" when creating a datasource
  • [WFLY-5498] - Transaction probe needlessly locks CLI
  • [WFLY-5502] - Don't require marshallable session attributes if the cache does not require it
  • [WFLY-5503] - Invalidation cache should not trigger passivation/activation events per request
  • [WFLY-5524] - Wrong help note related to Enable JTS in Transaction subsystem
  • [WFLY-5526] - [Migration operation] Attribute forward-when-no-consumers is not migrated properly
  • [WFLY-5533] - [Migration operation] Calling :migrate(add-legacy-entries=true) in domain fails


  • [WFLY-5448] - Ensure byteman tests work with IPv6
  • [WFLY-5523] - remove org.hornetq.journal module

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