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Component Upgrade

Feature Request

  • [WFLY-2553] - Support for SPNEGO authentication for deployed web applications
  • [WFLY-3990] - queue-length of standalone.xml should be set to a value larger then 0 e.g. 1000
  • [WFLY-4515] - Fix clustering transformers and reenable in mixed-domain tests
  • [WFLY-4724] - Port SingletonTunnelTestCase from EAP6 to WildFly
  • [WFLY-5373] - Add a global setting for max-active-sessions
  • [WFLY-5420] - jboss-javaee-7.0-wildfly POMs (and friends) need updating to Wildfly 10CR2


  • [WFLY-3659] - DIGEST authentication method throws
  • [WFLY-5152] - Subsystem iiop-openjdk should define port bindings in default configuration
  • [WFLY-5154] - DenyModulePermissionsTestCase, GrantModulePermissionsTestCase, LimitedModulePermissionsTestCase cannot deploy jar
  • [WFLY-5159] - Enum values of iorTransportConfigType are not enumerations in XSD of iiop subsystem
  • [WFLY-5236] - [Migration operation] [Web to Undertow] SSL configuration - verify client attribute value is not properly migrated
  • [WFLY-5250] - wildfly-jts-application-component-2 quickstart fails to validate in eclipse
  • [WFLY-5261] - Can't reload server when JTS transactions are used
  • [WFLY-5316] - Duplicate auth directories in Wildfly 10
  • [WFLY-5322] - Singleton deployment fails to automatically start on second node
  • [WFLY-5331] - ConcurrentModificationException in InfinispanSessionManager.findListeners
  • [WFLY-5353] - Unable to set resolve-hosts for access-log
  • [WFLY-5354] - CacheServiceProviderRegistry creates unnecessary tx on new member join
  • [WFLY-5355] - CacheServiceProviderRegistry close() not entirely thread-safe
  • [WFLY-5359] - [Migration operation] [Web to Undertow] Incorectly printed warning for unable to migrate resource in case of migrating ssl configuration
  • [WFLY-5360] - [Migration operation] [Web to Undertow] Migrating https connector in domain fails
  • [WFLY-5363] - [Migration operation] [Web to Undertow] Default value for access-log extended attribute differs
  • [WFLY-5364] - HTTP2 stream ID is not checked for some frame types
  • [WFLY-5370] - NPE during undeploy due to asynchronous cache listeners
  • [WFLY-5372] - Infinispan's jdbc store creates incorrect service name for datasource dependency
  • [WFLY-5380] - [Migration operation] Do not create legacy connection factory for connection factories with in-vm connector
  • [WFLY-5384] - Validate Artemis parameters
  • [WFLY-5391] - Access logging doesn't recognize common pattern
  • [WFLY-5394] - Generic acceptor/connector is ignoring its socket-binding
  • [WFLY-5397] - WeldDeployment is returning the wrong BDA for the specified beanClass
  • [WFLY-5398] - JASPIC sam not invoked again if authenticate() is called
  • [WFLY-5404] - WF 10.0.0.CR2 with standalone.xml from WF 9 crashes on war deploy
  • [WFLY-5407] - ActiveMQ Artemis 1.1.0 in Wildlfy differs from upstream tag 1.1.0


  • [WFLY-3681] - General Schema Sync with EAP
  • [WFLY-4528] - Product to Project Schema and Model Sync
  • [WFLY-5138] - ParseAndMarshalModelsTestCase isn't doing much


  • [WFLY-5194] - Restore the original legacy configs for use in ParseAndMarshalModelsTestCase

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