Release Notes - WildFly - Version 10.0.0.Alpha3 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [WFLY-4514] - Remove RuntimeVaultReader from WildFly full as it is now in WildFly-Core
  • [WFLY-4653] - Weld thread pool should be wildfly global
  • [WFLY-4740] - Move JMS high-level commands to the messaging extension

Feature Request

  • [WFLY-3590] - Option to disable processing of authentication tokens on unsecured resources.
  • [WFLY-4048] - Make sure predicated handlers (like handler-info.conf) can be used at a server level
  • [WFLY-4559] - Add support for development mode to Weld's management model
  • [WFLY-4723] - Make jgroups protocols support indexed adds
  • [WFLY-4758] - Upgrade to WF core 2.0.0.Alpha4


  • [WFLY-4120] - JAX-WS: HandlerChain-Annotation referencing file outside Java Archive causes JBAS015507
  • [WFLY-4435] - Booting profile with infinispan/jgroups pre-3_0 subsystems fails with "Resource ... cannot be created until all ancestor resources have been added"
  • [WFLY-4455] - JSP function lookup is broken if EL expression contains map or set literal
  • [WFLY-4591] - Memory leak inPerThreadTagHandlerPool | Wildfly 8.2.0.Final (Undertow)
  • [WFLY-4635] - @TransactionAttribute ignored on non-public SFSB PostActivate and PrePassivate lifecycle callbacks
  • [WFLY-4644] - enabling access-log for virtual server is not effective before server reload but CLI does not require that
  • [WFLY-4654] - JGroups transport type can't be set
  • [WFLY-4668] - mod-cluster configure via CLI may end with msg: Failed to start service Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException"
  • [WFLY-4676] - Unify help message in wsprovide.bat and
  • [WFLY-4709] - Invalid Last-Modified header
  • [WFLY-4713] - Webservices ASHelper calls getServiceContainer outside a PA block
  • [WFLY-4715] - Webservices subsystem requires reload when it does not actually need to
  • [WFLY-4720] - DuplicateServiceException when adding a new FORK channel
  • [WFLY-4729] - shared-session-config_1_0.xsd description of <cache-name> is wrong
  • [WFLY-4730] - Undertow mod_cluster proxy does not offer any Client HTTPS configuration
  • [WFLY-4732] - Potential race in test suite where ops can execute before server has reloaded
  • [WFLY-4736] - UndertowDeploymentService starts web components in MSC thread
  • [WFLY-4746] - SSO cookie-name attribute is ignored
  • [WFLY-4751] - JNDI lookups of JMS topics/queues can lead to null return values due to a missing service dependency
  • [WFLY-5600] - List of nodes taken from is different across nodes


  • [WFLY-4716] - Remove temporary code following core release


  • [WFLY-4529] - Port jboss-as-ee_1_2.xsd to WildFly
  • [WFLY-4651] - Change default locking isolation of infinispan caches to READ_COMMITTED
  • [WFLY-4680] - Fork and JChannel names need to be unique

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