Release Notes - WildFly - Version 10.0.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [WFLY-4264] - Update ejb-client version to 2.1.1.Final
  • [WFLY-4560] - Upgrade Narayana to version 5.1.1.Final
  • [WFLY-4574] - Upgrade Mojarra to 2.2.11
  • [WFLY-4596] - Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.3.1.Final
  • [WFLY-4601] - Upgrade Infinispan to 7.2.1.Final and Hibernate Search to 5.2.0.Final
  • [WFLY-4623] - Upgrade WildFly Arquillian from 1.0.0.Alpha5 to 1.0.0.CR1


  • [WFLY-4006] - Java EE 7 with all BOM lacks JAX-RS 2.0 API dependency
  • [WFLY-4577] - Missing dependency "ibm.jdk" in module
  • [WFLY-4583] - Do not log messages about XAResources which implement XAResourceWrapper SPI and that are known to have completed safely

Feature Request

  • [WFLY-2667] - Support application-level batch configuration
  • [WFLY-4392] - Make use of TCCL in ARQ ManagedContainer configurable
  • [WFLY-4637] - component upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.10.Final


  • [WFLY-3518] - JASPIAuthenticationMechanism#authenticate doesn't check if AuthenticatedSession is null
  • [WFLY-3671] - picketlink-deltaspike is missing
  • [WFLY-4534] - Nightly build fails with Maven 3.3.1
  • [WFLY-4569] - EntityBean instances are leaked from pool on certain exceptions
  • [WFLY-4578] - Consolidate attribute types in new IIOP subsystem
  • [WFLY-4579] - BeanManager method getBeans() is not available during application initialization
  • [WFLY-4595] - JSP source code leak when a slash added at the end of the URL
  • [WFLY-4602] - HttpServletRequest#logout doesn't fully clear security context
  • [WFLY-4604] - Smoke testsuite fails when running under security manager on JDK8
  • [WFLY-4624] - JGroups protocol properties are not applied


  • [WFLY-416] - Complete <xs:documentation> for all configuration elements/attributes in Infinispan subsystem's XSD
  • [WFLY-4360] - Remove jboss-common-core.jar
  • [WFLY-4564] - Switch to version 4 of the management schema
  • [WFLY-4597] - Remove classname Strings from XTS subsystem
  • [WFLY-4598] - Remove class name string from RTS subsystem
  • [WFLY-4622] - Add schema generator (com.sun.xml.bind:jaxb-jxc)


  • [WFLY-4361] - Remove usages of jboss-common-core from the EJB subsystem and libraries
  • [WFLY-4532] - Clean up jboss-as-web_2_*.xsd schemas

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