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Component Upgrade

  • [WFLY-3258] - Upgrade jboss-remote-naming to 2.0.1.Final or later
  • [WFLY-3283] - Upgrade Generic JMS RA to 1.0.5.Final
  • [WFLY-3287] - Upgrade vfs to 3.2.5.Final
  • [WFLY-3308] - Upgrade jsf-impl to 2.2.6-jbossorg-4
  • [WFLY-3309] - Update HAL to 2.2.4.Final
  • [WFLY-3332] - Update HAL to 2.2.6.Final


  • [WFLY-3184] - Accept non-list params for deployment add command's 'content' param
  • [WFLY-3268] - Stabilize some intermittently failing clustering tests
  • [WFLY-3299] - Outdated default app client configuration

Feature Request

  • [WFLY-1072] - The Service of the default-virtual-host should be bound to a well-known ServiceName
  • [WFLY-1097] - relax the requirement for having EJB bean class no-arg constructor
  • [WFLY-2624] - should not automatically add users to *both* domain and standalone property files
  • [WFLY-2850] - AJP connector with external authentication
  • [WFLY-3200] - Support Jackson 2 out of the box
  • [WFLY-3294] - Improve


  • [WFLY-29] - An ear file with modules in subfolders can not deploy under AS 7.0
  • [WFLY-768] - Caused by: javax.sound.sampled.UnsupportedAudioFileException: could not get audio input stream from input stream
  • [WFLY-829] - Misplaced @PersistenceContext Causes Untraceable Deployment Failure
  • [WFLY-977] - Servlet AsyncListener PreDestroy method not called
  • [WFLY-1527] - Adding context root to classpath as a resource-root doesn't work
  • [WFLY-2780] - Decoration of Servlet AsyncListener fails
  • [WFLY-2821] - Intermittent failures in EE resource injection tests
  • [WFLY-2861] - Weld prevents integration of fabric webapp
  • [WFLY-2921] - Wrong condition statement in NetworkUtils#formatAddress(InetSocketAddress)
  • [WFLY-2988] - Class-level @RolesAllowed does not affect inherited methods
  • [WFLY-3109] - CloseReason always null for WebSocket onClose methods
  • [WFLY-3207] - ContextNotActiveException: WELD-001303: No active contexts for scope type javax.faces.flow.builder.FlowDefinition on reload
  • [WFLY-3214] - Builders for AttributeDefinitions don't all pass in all settings to the AD
  • [WFLY-3230] - StackOverflowError when trying to access non existing page/servlet in WildFly 8.0.0
  • [WFLY-3232] - XTS coordinator URL is not initialised correctly
  • [WFLY-3236] - Undertow product tokens violate RFC-2616 (and misspells Wildfly)
  • [WFLY-3237] - doing a read-only operation with the CLI sets a server in "restart-required" mode
  • [WFLY-3252] - First HTTPS / SSL request after startup of Wildfly 8.0.0.Final is blocked for many seconds
  • [WFLY-3254] - Wildfly unable to register websocket endpoint if there is a lambda in its code
  • [WFLY-3259] - Race condition in built-in ServletContextListeners
  • [WFLY-3263] - ear-sub-deployments-isolated is ignored from jboss-deployment-structure.xml
  • [WFLY-3276] - Exceptions constructed but not thrown
  • [WFLY-3277] - Fix for JAVASERVERFACES-3189 causes memory leak
  • [WFLY-3279] - HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() not working for relative URL
  • [WFLY-3281] - Cannot call getOutputStream(), getWriter() already called
  • [WFLY-3295] - AsyncContext#start runs in caller thread
  • [WFLY-3302] - TLSSyslog server remove BC provider, does not add it back if it was present
  • [WFLY-3306] - Inconsistent responses between read-children-types and read-children-names or read-children-resources
  • [WFLY-3315] - CalendarBasedTimeoutTestCase failure when using French locale
  • [WFLY-3318] - Make sure that RTS takes into account port offset, when initiating services
  • [WFLY-3322] - Calling operations on non-existing messaging resources returns cryptic error
  • [WFLY-3324] - POJO objects are not removed from when manually removing them from JBoss Config XML
  • [WFLY-3331] - Https: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when rendering a resulting JSF page


  • [WFLY-3072] - Support Referrals for security realms using LDAP for authentication or group loading.
  • [WFLY-3271] - Upgrade to Apache CXF 2.7.11
  • [WFLY-3275] - Make log4j test scoped dependency
  • [WFLY-3321] - Deprecate transaction subsystem's path and relative-to attributes


  • [WFLY-382] - Fix & re-enable ignored XCAML tests

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