Release Notes - RTGov (Run Time Governance) - Version 1.0.0.Final - HTML format


  • [RTGOV-225] - Change times in sample SLA report from milliseconds to formatted string based on timezone
  • [RTGOV-656] - Please make necessary changes to allow RTGov to work with other databases

Feature Request

  • [RTGOV-154] - Situation list filter
  • [RTGOV-162] - Reporting capability against historic activity information with SLA report as example


  • [RTGOV-4] - intermittent error when restarting the SwitchYard with BAM distro and sla sample installed.
  • [RTGOV-5] - EPNTest for samples/jbossas/policy/epn causes hang if tests fail
  • [RTGOV-207] - Service overview gadget requires separate basic auth signin
  • [RTGOV-219] - Cleanup of parent 'Situations' collection causing npe when propagating to derived 'FilteredSituations'
  • [RTGOV-220] - ActivityUnit deletion not being propagated to contained ActivityType objects
  • [RTGOV-223] - H2 exception when concurrent access
  • [RTGOV-224] - Activity collector using switchyard thread to report events when max size reached
  • [RTGOV-226] - Red dot does not appear on service overview since situations subject structure changed
  • [RTGOV-228] - Periodic transaction related exception when starting up gadgets
  • [RTGOV-237] - Codec 1.4 appears to cause authentication message header issue


  • [RTGOV-183] - Update installation type section to explain what each type represents
  • [RTGOV-187] - Test for one way invocation (using camel JMS binding)
  • [RTGOV-212] - Document database configuration
  • [RTGOV-213] - Document email and jpa event processors
  • [RTGOV-214] - Refactor event processor service capability into common area for reuse by active collections
  • [RTGOV-216] - Document situation manager
  • [RTGOV-217] - Document derived active collections in active collection source
  • [RTGOV-221] - Document reports mechanism and SLA report example
  • [RTGOV-222] - Change license to Apache
  • [RTGOV-227] - Change handler to auditor in switchyard order app quickstart
  • [RTGOV-229] - Change samples to use jbossas maven plugin for deploy/undeploy
  • [RTGOV-230] - Add test client to order mgmt app
  • [RTGOV-231] - Update drools/jbpm to 6.0.0.Beta4
  • [RTGOV-232] - Update documentation related to obtaining components

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