Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.21.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-3871] - [DMN Designer] Add support for read-only boxed expressions
  • [DROOLS-3906] - [DMN Designer] Add visual indicators for imported Nodes


  • [DROOLS-1785] - Guided Decision Table editor does not allow proper operators after editing a BRL clause
  • [DROOLS-3591] - [DMN Designer] Data Types - Type dropdown is not navigable by keyboard
  • [DROOLS-3702] - [Stunner] Arrows are incorrectly positioned when save-open diagram
  • [DROOLS-3836] - NullPointerException when serializing KieSession with a Timer
  • [DROOLS-3869] - ServiceDiscovery doesn't work with Fuse
  • [DROOLS-3876] - DMN kie server get models endpoint when inputdata typeref empty
  • [DROOLS-3888] - rules in spreadsheet does not behave same way with drl.
  • [DROOLS-3896] - [DMN Designer] Editing a merged header cell positions editor at the wrong location
  • [DROOLS-3930] - Improve usability from Guided Rule Template - Can't resize column
  • [DROOLS-3932] - [DMN Designer] Replace BPMN specific parsing error message
  • [DROOLS-3949] - "Diagram properties" is empty, if you'll go to Business Central you'll get error
  • [DROOLS-4033] - [DMN Designer] Save Stunners property


  • [DROOLS-3815] - Remove duplicated code in DMN validator
  • [DROOLS-3841] - [DMN Designer] Included Models - An error is raised when a DMN file with imports is saved
  • [DROOLS-3860] - Raise timeout for KieContainerTest.testIncrementalCompilationSynchronization

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