Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.18.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-1603] - Implement proper container update in case Kie scanner finds new artifact
  • [DROOLS-1976] - [DMN Editor] Unique node names
  • [DROOLS-3547] - Create a nightly DMN TCK job running kie-dmn-tck module
  • [DROOLS-3579] - [DMN Designer] Decision Table: Add support to duplicate a row with context menu
  • [DROOLS-3581] - [DMN Designer] Decision Table: Remove use of TextBox for inline cell editing
  • [DROOLS-3586] - [DMN Designer] Boxed expression view: Expression type label should include spaces
  • [DROOLS-3587] - [DMN Designer] Default Hit Policy should be U

Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-3584] - Search DSL Filter in Guided Rule Editor


  • [DROOLS-2262] - [DMN Designer] DRD Grid Column width is not preserved
  • [DROOLS-3221] - [DMN Designer] Edit Parameters static size
  • [DROOLS-3548] - Thread used by LoadBalancer remains when connection to kie-server fails during instantinating of KieServicesClient
  • [DROOLS-3573] - Livelock in PseudoClockScheduler
  • [DROOLS-3612] - [DMN Designer] Java Function is context after reopening
  • [DROOLS-3616] - [DMN Designer] Literal expression name and data type popup missing
  • [DROOLS-3618] - [DMN Designer] Headers don't react on Enter key
  • [DROOLS-3632] - [DMN Designer] Context result row can not be a decision table
  • [DROOLS-3656] - [DMN Designer] Select logic type missing entries
  • [DROOLS-3962] - dmn model fails to compile when <di:extension> tag is included in a dmndi:DMNDiagram


  • [DROOLS-1957] - [DMN Editor] Syntax validation
  • [DROOLS-1967] - [DMN Editor] Structure validation
  • [DROOLS-1969] - [DMN Editor] Check that variables are accessible just by parent nodes
  • [DROOLS-3628] - Ignore unreliable KieScannerMemoryTest

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