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  • [DROOLS-2932] - [DMN Designer] keyboard navigation in context grid editor
  • [DROOLS-3406] - [DMN Designer] Decision Service splitter should be movable
  • [DROOLS-3513] - [DMN Designer] Literal Expression cells clip multi-line expression
  • [DROOLS-3543] - Parameterize kie-karaf-itests so they can be run with various databases

Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-3373] - [DMN Designer] Need Palette glyph/icon and Canvas shape for Decision Service
  • [DROOLS-3526] - [DMN Designer] Add support for padding Node labels from set positions



  • [DROOLS-1170] - JDK9 with drools: Build: switch back to maven-jaxb2-plugin (but it throws ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.codemodel.CodeWriter)
  • [DROOLS-1778] - JDK 9: Runtime reflection usage warnings in drools
  • [DROOLS-2084] - JDK9: kie-maven-plugin and kie-takari-plugin fail to build
  • [DROOLS-3429] - Serialization of KiePackages fails when SecurityManager is enabled
  • [DROOLS-3465] - [DMN Designer] ContextGrid and DecisionTableGrid selectFirstCell() regression
  • [DROOLS-3467] - [DMN Designer] Two vertical scrollbars
  • [DROOLS-3468] - [DMN Designer] Support Decision Service invocation
  • [DROOLS-3500] - Fix SerializationSecurityPolicyTest
  • [DROOLS-3537] - [DMN Designer] Unexpected error appears when diagram is created


  • [DROOLS-2623] - Stabilize xls tables backend tests
  • [DROOLS-3504] - [DMN Designer] Move DragBoundsJSO to lienzo-tests


  • [DROOLS-1868] - [Guided Decision Table] Empty Row message erases some other

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