Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.15.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-2176] - Add ability to use KieRuntimeLogger with RuleUnits
  • [DROOLS-3269] - [DMN Designer] Context: Default can be any expression type
  • [DROOLS-3285] - [DMN Designer] UndefinedExpressionGrid: Change '--' to '<select expression>' in grey italics
  • [DROOLS-3318] - [DMN Designer] Undefined Expression Grid: Re-design 'decision logic' selector

Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-2910] - [DMN Designer] Update cell (double-)click interactions
  • [DROOLS-3287] - [DMN Designer] Enable DMN editor by default in distributions


  • [DROOLS-3061] - [DMN Designer] Automatic Layout Feature
  • [DROOLS-3235] - [DMN Designer] Runtime issues [7.2.0.Final]


  • [DROOLS-3092] - [DMN Designer] User can not see all the definition editing custom data types
  • [DROOLS-3178] - [DMN Designer] Navigator Dock doesn't show function for BKM nodes
  • [DROOLS-3227] - [DMN Designer] Decision table output data type is not stored if decision table is generated according to input data
  • [DROOLS-3245] - [DMN Designer] Updating "Name" from Properties Panel does not update '<< Back to XYZ' link or Decision Navigator
  • [DROOLS-3248] - [DMN Designer] QName: Default to be 'Any' not 'string'
  • [DROOLS-3249] - [DMN Designer] Add support for optional typeRefs
  • [DROOLS-3268] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Check for use of built-in-type should be case sensitive
  • [DROOLS-3289] - [DMN Designer] Default Output Value typeRef
  • [DROOLS-3324] - Update persistence.xml with properties needed for Narayana
  • [DROOLS-3332] - Executable model throws "code too large" error when processing large DRL file
  • [DROOLS-3334] - [DMN Designer] Data Types - "Structure" Data Types are being set as "Undefined"
  • [DROOLS-3345] - Method and function invocation passing a field doesn't work in executable model
  • [DROOLS-3354] - [GDST] Not able to edit empty cell


  • [DROOLS-3027] - [DMN Designer] Differentiate zero and non zero custom data types
  • [DROOLS-3326] - [DMN Editor] Remove Decision Table orientation widget component

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