Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.12.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-2919] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Clean-up
  • [DROOLS-3407] - Need to use one rule in each one of the agendas efficiently in Kie Drools 7.12


  • [DROOLS-2794] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Support usage in grids


  • [DROOLS-1905] - Use of the "%" sign in the title
  • [DROOLS-2592] - PMML - tests in class ScorecardReasonCodeTest fail randomly
  • [DROOLS-2625] - Executable model - AccumulateTest and other tests fail with the model
  • [DROOLS-2816] - [DMN Designer] [IE11] Undo throws an Error
  • [DROOLS-2817] - [DMN Designer] [IE11] Download as throws an Error
  • [DROOLS-2818] - [DMN Designer] [IE11] Rename throws an Error
  • [DROOLS-2819] - [DMN Designer] [IE11] Expression type change throws an Error
  • [DROOLS-2820] - [DMN Designer] [IE11] Node deletion throws an Error
  • [DROOLS-2821] - [DMN Designer] [IE11] Missing Edit Expression type icon
  • [DROOLS-2823] - FEEL Parser: refactor `not` unary negation and `not` function call; fix support to wildcard `?`
  • [DROOLS-2921] - [DMN Designer] Stack overflow when a Context has two Relations
  • [DROOLS-2941] - [DMN Designer] - Save external DMN model
  • [DROOLS-2946] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Data-type selector broken
  • [DROOLS-2956] - [DMN Designer] [IE11] Custom data type cancel changes throws an error
  • [DROOLS-2972] - Scorecards tests from drools-scorecards are failing randomly
  • [DROOLS-3010] - [DMN Designer] Regression - Unable to add InputClause columns


  • [DROOLS-2886] - Add tests for camel features to droolsjbpm-integration repository
  • [DROOLS-2906] - Implement scenario runner (backend).
  • [DROOLS-2982] - Create backend methods to pair with "duplicate row"


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