Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.11.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-2549] - [DMN Designer] Add support for 'parent' to DMNModelInstrumentedBase
  • [DROOLS-2920] - [DMN Designer] Use standard context menu text

Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-2795] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Grid: DecisionTable
  • [DROOLS-2796] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Grid: Context
  • [DROOLS-2797] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Grid: Relation
  • [DROOLS-2798] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Grid: Invocation
  • [DROOLS-2815] - [DMN Designer] Make Expression Type dependent on Diagram Node
  • [DROOLS-2913] - [DMN Designer] Data-types: Grid: FunctionDefinition


  • [DROOLS-2284] - Implement an executable model for drools and a java dsl to instance it
  • [DROOLS-2607] - ArithmeticException happens in average function with BigDecimal type
  • [DROOLS-2777] - Guided Decision Table is changing date field value based on the timezone
  • [DROOLS-2827] - [DMN Designer] SVG produced for each save operation
  • [DROOLS-2829] - [DMN Designer] Expression header cell is not updated from properties panel
  • [DROOLS-2863] - Unable to start standalone business central without internet access
  • [DROOLS-2885] - Missing import of org.drools.core.fluent.impl in kie-api OSGI metadata
  • [DROOLS-2931] - DMN Designer - node names not generated when shortcuts used


  • [DROOLS-1393] - Investigate why JpaOptLockPersistentStatefulSessionTest is failing with Hibernate 5
  • [DROOLS-1952] - [DMN Editor] Introduce marshalling test in the way DMN - String - DMN
  • [DROOLS-2914] - Add support for custom commands into simulation fluent API


  • [DROOLS-2578] - [DMN Designer] Add use of 'DMNModelInstrumentedBase.setParent(..)' to marshaller
  • [DROOLS-2590] - [DMN Designer] Remove fallback from QNameFieldConverter.toWidgetValue(..)

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