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  • [DROOLS-1597] - Implement profile for integration with Signavio's DMN modeler
  • [DROOLS-2156] - DMN decision table names should be presented as titles in editor screen.
  • [DROOLS-2274] - "?" special variable support
  • [DROOLS-2519] - Implement specific numeric accumulate for min and max functions


  • [DROOLS-1208] - Listed deployed packages are duplicated when creating a new Container in Workbench.
  • [DROOLS-1784] - Guided Decision Table Editor: Default value for Actions with Value List does not work
  • [DROOLS-1802] - Setting variable name after unsetting it in Decision Table Editor BRL condition says it is already taken
  • [DROOLS-1906] - Guided Rule Editor: Frozen Conditions and Actions should have a human readable text
  • [DROOLS-2180] - [Guided Rule Editor] NPE closing a Guided Rule with an incomplete ActionCallMethod
  • [DROOLS-2342] - Update Kie Navigator to the new git/rest structure
  • [DROOLS-2392] - [DMN Designer] Undo and Redo does not update user interface
  • [DROOLS-2393] - [DMN Designer] Not expected results of commands when multiple cells selected
  • [DROOLS-2410] - [DMN Designer] Active entries not highlighted correctly when scrolling
  • [DROOLS-2420] - [DMN Designer] Hit Policy Collect does not need an Aggregation function
  • [DROOLS-2423] - [DMN Designer] Clear command caches context entries
  • [DROOLS-2424] - [DMN Designer] Expression type can not be changed after cleared multiple times
  • [DROOLS-2425] - [DMN Designer] Undo of relation column deletion is not proper
  • [DROOLS-2431] - [DMN Designer] Navigator has not same header height in full screen mode
  • [DROOLS-2432] - [DMN Designer] Back to from DRD doesn't select proper element in DRG
  • [DROOLS-2433] - [DMN Designer] Can not click to canvas after DRD navigation undo
  • [DROOLS-2435] - [DMN Designer] Active entries highlight between navigation
  • [DROOLS-2441] - DMN runtime not using the kiecontainer root classloader to load classes
  • [DROOLS-2454] - [DMN Designer] Decision content not visible after reopen
  • [DROOLS-2473] - [DMN Designer] Function language change inconsistency
  • [DROOLS-2477] - [GDT] Wizard hints not aligned with project ui
  • [DROOLS-2498] - NoClassDefFoundError: org/kie/internal/builder/conf/ParallelRulesBuildThresholdOption
  • [DROOLS-2516] - [DMN Designer] Do not call selectFirstCell() in
  • [DROOLS-2530] - DMN Decision Table - wrong evaluation of parameter named "product"
  • [DROOLS-2533] - [DMN Designer] Form Properties panel does not work
  • [DROOLS-2538] - [DMN Designer] Save throws NPE
  • [DROOLS-2560] - [DMN Designer] Change magnet of connection
  • [DROOLS-2591] - Re-Loading of updated SNAPSHOT KJars is broken
  • [DROOLS-2598] - PMML - Test GuidedScoreCardIntegrationJavaClassesOnClassPathTest.testIncrementalCompilation fails on Windows or MacOS
  • [DROOLS-2628] - [DMN Designer] DataInput toolbox actions
  • [DROOLS-2629] - Complex enumerations are not selected in BRL multi value constraint
  • [DROOLS-2640] - [DMN Designer] First function language definitions
  • [DROOLS-2643] - Extraneous parentheses generated by Guided Rule editor


  • [DROOLS-1964] - [DMN Editor] Input Data typeRef
  • [DROOLS-2250] - Align Engine hints in Decision Table column wizard with BAPL-708
  • [DROOLS-2251] - Align Test Scenario KIE configuration with BAPL-708
  • [DROOLS-2396] - [DMN Designer] Cover dtable commands for non trivial index
  • [DROOLS-2503] - Do not use, use instead in kie-parent pom
  • [DROOLS-2617] - Cover adding imports tab to editors
  • [DROOLS-2624] - Fix jacoco problem for guided rule module


  • [DROOLS-1600] - Support character ? for interpolation in values in a DT cell
  • [DROOLS-1601] - Support constraints on List inputs in DT cells
  • [DROOLS-1602] - Support model composition through BKM invocation
  • [DROOLS-2561] - [DMN Editor] Graph View - Add support for using FEEL built-in data-types
  • [DROOLS-2562] - [DMN Editor] Graph View - Add support for using User defined data-types
  • [DROOLS-2579] - [DMN Designer] Add support for setting 'DMNModelInstrumentedBase.setParent(..)' to the UI model as and when Users create new elements
  • [DROOLS-2584] - [DMN Designer] Type Ref select box options are not sorted

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