Release Notes - Forge - Version 1.1.0.Final - HTML format


  • [FORGE-164] - Add ability to generate Entity Instance classes with Persistence plugin
  • [FORGE-169] - Persistence plugin should optionally add maven configuration for a meta-model generator
  • [FORGE-625] - Remove Maven exec plugin configuration from dist module
  • [FORGE-666] - Plugins plugin should allow specifying plugin @Alias
  • [FORGE-667] - DependencyInstaller should support DependencyFilter construct
  • [FORGE-671] - Forge plugin should warn when installing a plugin that depends on non-PROVIDED forge internal artifacts

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-206] - Display a diff of available commands when starting forge after installing/removing a plugin
  • [FORGE-217] - Need an auto-update feature for plugins and core libraries
  • [FORGE-570] - When using the field command, member variables should be created in the variable section
  • [FORGE-611] - Add command to view deployed app in the browser
  • [FORGE-663] - Enforce environment validations on Maven build
  • [FORGE-664] - Forge should intercept some logger messages and publish them as shell messages
  • [FORGE-680] - CDI events for plugin installation / removal
  • [FORGE-987] - Windows? Really? Okay...


  • [FORGE-27] - Wrong import if imported class is a nested class
  • [FORGE-33] - Pathspec parser does not properly handle Regex character in input (revealed when using tab-completion)
  • [FORGE-406] - Generated search Criteria queries do not tolerate 'CapitalizedField' properties.
  • [FORGE-407] - Tab completion not working on forge-startup
  • [FORGE-416] - cascade=CascadeType.ALL added to @OneToOne mapped fields on scaffold from-entity com.cpox.model.partner.*
  • [FORGE-502] - shell irresponsive on Error when starting up
  • [FORGE-520] - project add-dependency removes systemPath element
  • [FORGE-614] - Pressing <TAB> too many times chops off the “java” from “.java” resource completions
  • [FORGE-617] - Cannot access Stateful EJB from inner anonymous class
  • [FORGE-620] - MovePlugin fails while moving files using relative paths
  • [FORGE-655] - scaffold from entity: wrong brand link, missing jboss-logo, add mime-mapping in web.xml
  • [FORGE-656] - "Did you mean ?" feature ignores alias commands
  • [FORGE-658] - Fix broken tests with End of Stream exceptions
  • [FORGE-660] - Entity plugin doesn't create a new entity when entity exists on a different package
  • [FORGE-661] - Forge script doesn't report underlying errors
  • [FORGE-669] - CopyPlugin fails on copy directories containing a pom.xml file
  • [FORGE-672] - faces scaffold generated app breaks on ambiguity of property and method "search" when Seam Faces present


  • [FORGE-546] - Upgrade integration tests to JBoss 7.1.1
  • [FORGE-602] - Update init scripts to support Cygwin environment
  • [FORGE-627] - Publish Roadmap and release dates to
  • [FORGE-677] - JBoss BOM version should be updated

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