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  • [PLINK-630] - Reuse the same Identity instance during request processing
  • [PLINK-633] - Make social module jar usable in a CDI application
  • [PLINK-654] - Better messages when configuration is wrong

Feature Request

  • [PLINK-264] - picketlink + mod_cluster + POST & AJP connector is failing to work
  • [PLINK-561] - Security Context and Level Support
  • [PLINK-596] - Select Authenticator based on the Credential Type
  • [PLINK-627] - Create PicketLink Java EE 7.0 BOM
  • [PLINK-642] - Add support for setting ForceAuthn value in AuthnRequest
  • [PLINK-652] - XMLSignatureUtil should allow KeyInfo to use X509 if desired (does not work when using IDPFilter)
  • [PLINK-653] - Could not resolve actual class from proxied hibernate entity


  • [PLINK-614] - Error when parsing assertion when XML Sig namespace is defined in the Response
  • [PLINK-617] - identityManager.update() does not persist in JPA Provider
  • [PLINK-632] - xsi type xsd:base64Binary is not honored
  • [PLINK-644] - AbstractIDPValve does not use its attributeKeys member
  • [PLINK-647] - IdPFilter does not correctly handle SAML assertion attributes or invoke custom attribute managers when doing IdP initiated auth use cases
  • [PLINK-648] - IDPFilter does not supports SAML 2.0 Unsolicited Responses
  • [PLINK-650] - tag AuthenticatingAuthority is not recognised by the parser
  • [PLINK-651] - Unnecessary Base64 conversion for the IN codition in the JPA Identity queries


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