Release Notes - PicketLink - Version PLINK_2.7.0.CR2 - HTML format


  • [PLINK-602] - IDM query should allow multiple sort directions
  • [PLINK-611] - More flexible and rich API for Identity Type Queries
  • [PLINK-625] - Possibility that LDAPIdentityStore will return LDAP DN in some attribute

Feature Request

  • [PLINK-273] - SAML IDP should process Ajax requests
  • [PLINK-397] - PicketLink lacks the ability to create queries of IdentityTypes based on patterns instead of exact Strings
  • [PLINK-508] - Support for custom modifications of some attribute after password update
  • [PLINK-535] - Possibility to dynamically define attributes compared by >= or <=
  • [PLINK-620] - Improvements to Picketlink encryption support


  • [PLINK-96] - Handler-Parameter NAMEID_FORMAT ignored for SAML2AuthenticationHandler when using AS-Subsystem
  • [PLINK-413] - Hosted page is not served properly (jsp headers not taken into account, served as text)
  • [PLINK-570] - Keep the behavior of HAL extension consistent with the rest of the Console
  • [PLINK-586] - Move Key Store configuration into separate tab inside federation view
  • [PLINK-608] - BasicModel.getGroup is not returning groups with a deep hierarchy
  • [PLINK-613] - JPAIdentityStore: cannot revoke all permissions if using bitmasks
  • [PLINK-615] - The class org.picketlink.http.internal.PicketLinkServletContextListener is annotated with an invalid scope
  • [PLINK-618] - picketlink-wildfly-common artifact spelt wrong
  • [PLINK-622] - Destination not set in StatusResponseType after a successful logout.
  • [PLINK-624] - Escaping form parameters when build Http Binding POST form
  • [PLINK-634] - Unable to set FriendlyName for custom attribute


  • [PLINK-609] - Remove complex schema module
  • [PLINK-610] - Release Picketlink Console Extension 2.0.2.Final
  • [PLINK-623] - Review the SPFilter

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