Release Notes - PicketLink - Version PLINK_2.6.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [PLINK-146] - XMLSignatureUtil should allow KeyInfo to use X509 if desired
  • [PLINK-303] - Improve logging and messages
  • [PLINK-323] - Social Login Quickstarts
  • [PLINK-341] - SAML Service Provider Workflow abstraction
  • [PLINK-342] - IDPFilter for web applications
  • [PLINK-343] - Jetty Bindings for SAML SSO


  • [PLINK-199] - Error granting role with EclipseLink
  • [PLINK-210] - Regression: use of In.value() for collections
  • [PLINK-332] - PicketLink fails to bootstrap due to TransactionRequiredException on TomEE and GlassFish


  • [PLINK-350] - Validate XMLSignatureUtil->KeyInfo/X509Certificate Usage

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