Release Notes - PicketLink - Version PLINK_2.5.3.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [PLINK-282] - Support for Multiple Custom Identity Stores in the IdentityConfigurationBuilder Fluent API
  • [PLINK-301] - Small changes to the exception hierarchy
  • [PLINK-305] - Authenticating custom account types without providing a custom credential handler
  • [PLINK-306] - Support different stores configuration with different identity types
  • [PLINK-310] - Set default partition to types when the underlying store does not support partitions
  • [PLINK-315] - Use the LDAP mapping configuration to discover the supported types
  • [PLINK-331] - Support EclipseLink when running the IDM tests
  • [PLINK-334] - Add a method to retrieve all configuration used to build a PartitionManager
  • [PLINK-335] - Fire event right after the PartitionManager is built to allow customs initialization logic
  • [PLINK-336] - Remove wrong debug logging message for the default logger implementation

Feature Request

  • [PLINK-190] - JDBC Identity Store Implementation
  • [PLINK-287] - Need a method of determining if a User email address is already used
  • [PLINK-295] - GenericHeaderAuthenticator
  • [PLINK-296] - SSLValve from JBossWeb Sandbox
  • [PLINK-311] - Provide to the LDAP store a configuration that allows to specify the hierarchy search depth


  • [PLINK-209] - Debug/Error inconsistency in exception logging
  • [PLINK-257] - PicketLink does not work properly when using JBoss Modules
  • [PLINK-259] - ShanesBigSanityCheckTestCase.testScenario1 is failing sometimes
  • [PLINK-278] - TransactionRequiredException thrown by IDM when no @Startup bean performs initialization
  • [PLINK-285] - RelationshipManager allows null group to be added to identity. NullPointerException results upon subsequent access to user's groups
  • [PLINK-286] - BasicModel.isMember() throws NullPointerException when group does not exist
  • [PLINK-298] - LDAPIdentityStore is not handling property MSAD's objectGUID for identifiers
  • [PLINK-300] - AbstractIDPValve throws NPE when using metadata and AuthnRequestsSigned is null.
  • [PLINK-302] - Annotate date fields in the simple schema with @Temporal
  • [PLINK-309] - AttributeParameter needs equals() and hashcode()
  • [PLINK-312] - StackOverflowError in identity query with attribute parameter
  • [PLINK-314] - Annotations are not always recognized when defined in a field only
  • [PLINK-326] - Twitter Authenticator can throw no token available error
  • [PLINK-330] - DefaultPicketLinkLogger can not use parametrized methods from jboss logging
  • [PLINK-340] - AS submodule: IdentityConfigurationBuilder error messages are missing real reasons


  • [PLINK-167] - Ensure Logger for exception messages
  • [PLINK-280] - Clean up wildcard imports
  • [PLINK-289] - Create PicketLink BOM Module
  • [PLINK-290] - Update documentation and site with the quickstarts changes
  • [PLINK-291] - Update quickstarts with the PicketLink BOM
  • [PLINK-293] - Enable and fix checkstyle validation for all modules
  • [PLINK-307] - Transfer PicketLink Quickstarts to JDF
  • [PLINK-308] - Support mapping between types and their corresponding objectClasses.
  • [PLINK-320] - Enable CDI on PicketLink IDM.


  • [PLINK-324] - Social Login Quickstart: Login With Facebook
  • [PLINK-325] - Social Login Quickstart: Login With Twitter

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