Release Notes - PicketLink - Version PLINK_2.5.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [PLINK-237] - TOTPCredentialHandler should check all devices

Feature Request

  • [PLINK-83] - PicketLink IDM XML Configuration parser
  • [PLINK-227] - SAML 2.0 Subject EncryptedKey should contain KeyInfo
  • [PLINK-239] - Create PicketLink Quickstarts repository and use it to reference the quickstarts from JDF


  • [PLINK-205] - characterEncoding parameter not used in for Post Requests in ServiceProviderAuthenticator
  • [PLINK-229] - IDP hangs when redirecting to the SP using HTTP-Redirect Binding
  • [PLINK-230] - Support SSL Client Authentication with a fallback to the configured authentication method
  • [PLINK-231] - AbstractIDPValve class doesn't clean Response before POST correctly
  • [PLINK-232] - JDBC Token and Revocation Registry
  • [PLINK-233] - SP should read/recognize the SingleLogoutLocation ResponseLocation attribute in the metadata
  • [PLINK-234] - Optional Attribute in Validation Calls to PicketLink STS
  • [PLINK-235] - Invalid Logout Responses from SAML2LogoutHandler

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