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Feature Request

  • [CDITCK-269] - Tests for ProcessProducer*.getAnnotatedDisposedParameter()
  • [CDITCK-271] - Create a test for disposed parameter position
  • [CDITCK-275] - Extend test coverage for type validation of a resource declaration (3.6.1)


  • [CDITCK-263] - UnproxyableManagedBeanTest should test runtime exception
  • [CDITCK-270] - TransactionalObserverTest.testSucessfullTransaction() unstable
  • [CDITCK-274] - CreateInjectionPointTest.testInvalidParameter() too strict
  • [CDITCK-279] - Ordering issue in CustomTransactionalObserverTest


  • [CDITCK-272] - Revise tests for inheritance of member-level metadata for generic types

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