Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.2.0.CR2 - HTML format


  • [WELD-1640] - Unify the style of CDI 1.1 feature notes in Weld 2.2 documentation


  • [WELD-1623] - Cleanup of transient conversations should be synchronized
  • [WELD-1633] - Portable extensions chapter documentation review for Weld 2.2
  • [WELD-1634] - Weld claims " Injection into Listeners is not supported" on Tomcat7
  • [WELD-1636] - If @WithAnnotations is applied the container must consider the special inheritance rules defined for scope types
  • [WELD-1637] - Missing images in HTML documentation for Weld 2.2
  • [WELD-1638] - Unify specification versions in Weld 2.2 documentation and examples
  • [WELD-1639] - An observer with an array type whose component type contains wildcard as the event parameter is not notified
  • [WELD-1641] - Weld SPI chapter documentation review for Weld 2.2
  • [WELD-1642] - Chapter 20. Configuration, documentation review for Weld 2.2

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