Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [WELD-1063] - Don't combine slf4j-ext:1.6.4 (which requies cal10n-api:0.7.4) with a lower incompatible version cal10n-api:0.7.2
  • [WELD-1101] - Manifests in binary jars contain ${buildNumber} expression
  • [WELD-1173] - weld-osgi-bundle source JAR does not contain any sources
  • [WELD-1245] - Fix the set of decorated types of a decorator of built-in Instance
  • [WELD-1270] - DeltaSpike fails with Unexpected Exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
  • [WELD-1276] - BeanManager::createInjectionTarget assumes an abstract class is a decorator
  • [WELD-1277] - Missing maven dependency to org.jboss.classfilewriter
  • [WELD-1279] - ParameterInjectionPointImpl.getValueToInject() makes use of methods which are not available during application initialization
  • [WELD-1280] - Dependent scoped not injected via Application#getELResolver#getValue, works with ValueExpression


  • [WELD-1216] - Improve validation of decorators
  • [WELD-1237] - Implement Annotation inheritance rules (CDI-132)
  • [WELD-1272] - Use type of Event<> to infer generic type of events
  • [WELD-1273] - Validate that decorators of built-in beans are passivation capable dependencies
  • [WELD-1274] - Check that certain BeanManager methods are not called at bootstrap
  • [WELD-1275] - Update readme files

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