Release Notes - Errai - Version 4.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [ERRAI-939] - Upgrade EmbeddedWildflyLauncher to support Wildfly 10


  • [ERRAI-920] - Major Bottleneck in Errai Codegen found in AbstractCallElement
  • [ERRAI-929] - Span html element
  • [ERRAI-932] - Please provide more informative error messages
  • [ERRAI-942] - Make attributes in overridable at runtime by system properties

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-871] - Annotations Maven Module
  • [ERRAI-941] - Create Native TransitionAnchor
  • [ERRAI-961] - Migrate IOCUtil functionality from kie-wb-common into errai-ioc as enhanced version of Instance<T>


  • [ERRAI-904] - @PathParam regex incomplete support
  • [ERRAI-922] - MarshallerImpl will fail to generate if there are too many @Portable Types
  • [ERRAI-923] - creating singleton bean from JsType(native=true) would generate Proxy
  • [ERRAI-927] - Array marshaller generation causes rebind error
  • [ERRAI-928] - Heading not implementing HTMLElement?
  • [ERRAI-935] - EventQualifierSerializer does not property handle arrays, Class literals, and nested annotations
  • [ERRAI-937] - Looking up unqualified beans with Instance<T> fails
  • [ERRAI-945] - Declarative Binding of TextInput doesn't work outside of @Templated beans
  • [ERRAI-946] - @Bound onKeyUp property doesn't work with native input elements
  • [ERRAI-948] - infinite loop 100% CPU in generated ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl.getMarshaller
  • [ERRAI-950] - Errai Templated ClientBundle names too long
  • [ERRAI-959] - Dependent bean in cycle with no default constructor can blow up at runtime
  • [ERRAI-967] - Error building i18n values when string contains "\:"


  • [ERRAI-960] - Upgrade to IP BOM 7.0.0.CR4 + related POM clean-up
  • [ERRAI-963] - Remove errai-js

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