Release Notes - Errai - Version 3.2.0.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [ERRAI-833] - Errai Security: Depends on a rather old version of DeltaSpike.


  • [ERRAI-826] - Make the navigation container injectable as a @DataField.
  • [ERRAI-840] - Raise exception if @Portable models use *reserved* names
  • [ERRAI-855] - Upgrade to keycloak 1.2.0

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-148] - Support for generic methods in Errai RPC
  • [ERRAI-480] - @Templated with templates available at run-time instead of compile-time
  • [ERRAI-796] - Support for JsonTypeInfo and inheritance with Jackson
  • [ERRAI-831] - Errai Binding: Support binding Widgets that implement TakesValue<V>.
  • [ERRAI-832] - Add posibility to exclude Entities from Errai JPA scan
  • [ERRAI-852] - Allow for model properties to be updated on events other than GWT's ValueChangeEvent


  • [ERRAI-824] - Update jboss.spec.jboss.javaee.6.0.version to v3.0.3.
  • [ERRAI-830] - Sending message from the client to the server doesn't work with Wildfly 8.2.0
  • [ERRAI-835] - Usage of TranslationService & associated @TranslationKey needs to be documented.
  • [ERRAI-836] - Errai Forge Addon runs into errors while being installed with Forge's addon-install-from-git command
  • [ERRAI-837] - Updates to elements in bound lists don't cause change events when list is not mutated
  • [ERRAI-838] - NPE in CdiExtensionPoints if any bean is in Java root package
  • [ERRAI-839] - Class level validation does not execute in some cases
  • [ERRAI-841] - Page path with non safe (non-ascii) url characters
  • [ERRAI-844] - Application fails to start when logging is disabled.
  • [ERRAI-845] - class with @Timed annotation fails to compile if type set to DELAYED
  • [ERRAI-848] - BindableListWrapper contains() calls convertToProxy() even for already proxied items
  • [ERRAI-849] - PropertyChangeHandlerSupport notifyHandlers() - new handlers cannot be added/removed from inside existing property change handler
  • [ERRAI-853] - Error with a layout hierarchy (templated composites) over more than 1 level
  • [ERRAI-860] - ClientMarshaller running on server side instead of a ServerMarshaller
  • [ERRAI-866] - Catch "bad payload" exception ... subsequently a Chrome bug (Websocket)


  • [ERRAI-843] - Refactor Errai BOM and align dependency versions with JBoss integration BOM
  • [ERRAI-847] - Update Getting Started section in reference guide

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