Release Notes - Errai - Version 3.0.0.CR1 - HTML format

Quality Risk

  • [ERRAI-715] - Make Errai Forge Addon less brittle regarding user modifications to project


  • [ERRAI-287] - Test @RequireAuthentication and @RequireRoles on methods
  • [ERRAI-728] - Make SecurityContextImpl startup happen before @AfterInitialization methods are invoked

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-290] - Create a server-side API for handling uncaught exceptions thrown by @Command methods
  • [ERRAI-447] - ClientMessageBus should allow for the connection retry interval and the maximum number of retries to be configurable
  • [ERRAI-500] - Errai UI should provide support for interacting natively with HTML forms
  • [ERRAI-557] - Errai JAX-RS Application-Exception mapping
  • [ERRAI-564] - Create build in widget types for Table ListWidgets
  • [ERRAI-638] - Documentation is not clear/sufficient in case I'd like to use DataBinding functionality only in my project.
  • [ERRAI-703] - Add parameter for code partition/fragment name to @LoadAsync
  • [ERRAI-723] - Add gatekeeper functionality to Errai IOC
  • [ERRAI-727] - Cleanup Page annotation (remove deprecated attribute and rename roles)


  • [ERRAI-461] - Tests (and probably webapp startup) don't fail when -Derrai.marshalling.force_static_marshallers=true and static marshalling code doesn't compile
  • [ERRAI-659] - Bean available before post construct called
  • [ERRAI-679] - Observing java.lang.Object on client leads to code overload in BootsrapperImpl
  • [ERRAI-692] - Better diagnostic for improper use of @Templated for list widgets
  • [ERRAI-719] - Can not inject in errai-ui project
  • [ERRAI-726] - Forge Addon does not remove unnecessary provided scoped dependencies when feature is removed
  • [ERRAI-729] - Incorrect code generation for bindable property defined in errai.ui.bindableTypes


  • [ERRAI-156] - Expose SaturationPolicy in
  • [ERRAI-527] - Resolve websockets to be no longer dependend on Alpha's
  • [ERRAI-712] - Update README in Errai Security Demo
  • [ERRAI-717] - Write Test for securing server-side @Service with Errai Security

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