Release Notes - Errai - Version 2.4.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [ERRAI-489] - @Bound should default to field name rather than the name given in @DataField
  • [ERRAI-492] - Default conversion in data binding should allow null values for all types
  • [ERRAI-498] - Convert doesn't detect correctly WidgetValueType when the HasValue is not primitive
  • [ERRAI-535] - Solution for: class is not available to the marshaller framework: ...Exception

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-261] - Create an Errai module that exposes HTML 5 sensor events using CDI
  • [ERRAI-262] - Support data synchronization between client and server (JPA)
  • [ERRAI-371] - User Controlled Code Splitting
  • [ERRAI-430] - When you @Inject ClientMessageBus[Impl] you end up with a different instance than ErraiBus.get()
  • [ERRAI-448] - Add a bean validation module to Errai
  • [ERRAI-457] - A single DataBinder instance should support binding a bean property to multiple widgets
  • [ERRAI-497] - Implement an observable list type that ListWidget can leverage to directly react on changes in the model list
  • [ERRAI-504] - Separate Auto DataBinding from dependency on Errai-UI
  • [ERRAI-516] - Cannot transition to other page from the @PageShowing method
  • [ERRAI-548] - In the example errai-jpa-demo-grocery-list the "Remove store" button does not work
  • [ERRAI-551] - BindableProxyGenerator class cast exception when generating


  • [ERRAI-202] - errai-ioc depends on errai-bus, but it shouldn't
  • [ERRAI-414] - Errai JAX-RS may not be used without Errai Bus and Errai IOC
  • [ERRAI-428] - errai-uibinder is not compatible with GWT-2.5.0 and compilation fails
  • [ERRAI-482] - Direct (browser-triggered) navigation to @Singleton pages fails
  • [ERRAI-506] - Double.NaN causes JSONException
  • [ERRAI-507] - MarshallersGenerator fails for subtypes of generic entities
  • [ERRAI-512] - DataBinding appears to fail when a generic is involved in method definition
  • [ERRAI-550] - Unable to turn off log messages generated from DefaultBlockingServlet
  • [ERRAI-565] - Nested Maps with different Key Types don't work
  • [ERRAI-566] - Annotations in generated code cause GWT to emit error messages at compile time
  • [ERRAI-571] - Document transitive dependencies of Errai Navigation on Errai CDI


  • [ERRAI-455] - Make sure that Errai works with cordova
  • [ERRAI-554] - Maven dependencyMangement & pluginManagement

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