Release Notes - Errai - Version 2.2.0.CR2 - HTML format


  • [ERRAI-446] - Replace System.out.println with Logger

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-405] - Add The Ability to bind to Lists


  • [ERRAI-272] - Errai's dependencies on weld-servlet should be weld-servlet-core (this would fix slf4j multiple binding errors)
  • [ERRAI-370] - RuntimeException looking up enum referenced by field of class in errai.marshalling.serializableTypes of
  • [ERRAI-425] - Resolution of @Templated with fully qualified path name fails
  • [ERRAI-450] - public TransitionTo causes compile error
  • [ERRAI-451] - OutOfMemoryError with CDI archetype
  • [ERRAI-452] - Collection with wildcard element type causes invalid server marshalling class to be generated
  • [ERRAI-453] - Page Navigation should not fail build when there are no @Page classes present
  • [ERRAI-454] - PropertyChangeHandlers are lost when calling setModel on a DataBinder
  • [ERRAI-456] - errai-ui-binder leaks references to org.jboss.errai.ioc.rebind.ioc.injector.api.InjectionContext

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