Release Notes - Errai - Version 2.2.0.Final - HTML format


  • [ERRAI-474] - Allow the addition of primitive attributes to entities that have been persisted


  • [ERRAI-460] - Marshalling includes invalid generic declaration in ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl
  • [ERRAI-462] - CDIServletStateListener breaks @Inject in HttpServlets
  • [ERRAI-463] - Nested type params on maps don't work
  • [ERRAI-464] - data-field does not get filled when nested @Template class has data-field with the same name
  • [ERRAI-466] - Demarshalling of BigDecimal fails when Jackson JSON format is used
  • [ERRAI-470] - errai-cdi-stress-test is leaking a thread after undeploying (edit)
  • [ERRAI-473] - JPA2 method-accessed attributes don't work
  • [ERRAI-476] - RPC fails in face of similar interface names
  • [ERRAI-479] - BindableProxyGenerator tries to override static methods
  • [ERRAI-481] - Errai Bus "buffer overflow" exception

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