Release Notes - Errai - Version 2.2.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [ERRAI-424] - Warn/fail when classes in the .client package use non-compatible CDI scopes

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-331] - Errai JPA code generator should not use persistence.xml
  • [ERRAI-379] - Support for bindable property chains
  • [ERRAI-382] - EventHandler annotation should allow registering for events on "this"
  • [ERRAI-399] - Data Binding doesn't react on changes that happen outside a property's write method (outside the corresponding setter method)
  • [ERRAI-406] - Ability for the databinder to return an array (object) that contains the paths that are bound in the object
  • [ERRAI-416] - Define an application lifecycle and provide means for observation & manipulation
  • [ERRAI-431] - Make work on the client
  • [ERRAI-434] - Support for defining @Bindable types in
  • [ERRAI-438] - Add history tokens (state information) to the UI Navigation framework


  • [ERRAI-225] - ClientMessageBus should not throw an error on page unload
  • [ERRAI-334] - Treat null fields correctly when cascading across singular or plural attributes
  • [ERRAI-380] - Setting the application root for Errai bus doesn't work when set programatically
  • [ERRAI-407] - Creating an @EventHandler without appropriate method arguments causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [ERRAI-408] - Creating an @EventHandler with invalid data-field results in NullPointerException
  • [ERRAI-418] - Entity types don't work as operands of JPQL =
  • [ERRAI-422] - When handling transport errors, BusControl.reconnect() throws ConcurrentModificationException.
  • [ERRAI-426] - Local CDI events should not be advertised to the server
  • [ERRAI-427] - Errai JPQL comparisons treat null incorrectly
  • [ERRAI-429] - Demarshalling fails for immutable types with null enum fields
  • [ERRAI-433] - Errai throws NPE for null @QueryParamater
  • [ERRAI-435] - @MapsTo doesn't work for arrays
  • [ERRAI-436] - Jackson demarshalling doesn't work when @MapsTo is used on a List<T> parameter
  • [ERRAI-439] - Marshaller generator fails on types with inherited getters for public fields
  • [ERRAI-440] - Portable entities with arrays of interface types fail marshaller generation at compile time
  • [ERRAI-443] - demarshalling of JSON array (in 'Jackson mode') fails when expected type is unkown
  • [ERRAI-445] - BigInteger And BigDecimal as maps key


  • [ERRAI-291] - Create additional unit tests for codegen utilities
  • [ERRAI-437] - Host pages of all demos must be welcome pages according to webapp's configuration

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