Release Notes - Savara - Version 2.0.0.M4 - HTML format


  • [SAVARA-201] - Simulation dialog needs to support scrolling in situations where there are many roles
  • [SAVARA-212] - Scenario simulator model field should be a combo list with history of simulated models

Feature Request

  • [SAVARA-227] - SCA Simulator
  • [SAVARA-229] - Enable scenario simulator to use role simulators that rely on Java classes in Eclipse projects
  • [SAVARA-235] - Enable scenario message examples to be used as templates for responses received from executable service components


  • [SAVARA-214] - Generated BPEL has no start activity
  • [SAVARA-215] - Generated BPEL has unnecessary if/else construct.
  • [SAVARA-239] - SCA references created for client roles (in CreditAgency and Logistics SCA Java generated projects)


  • [SAVARA-223] - Update to use new scribble choice construct
  • [SAVARA-231] - Store simulation details in a more complete way
  • [SAVARA-236] - Multiple SCA Java projects cause simulation problem due to multiple instances of the same package in different parts of the classpath
  • [SAVARA-237] - Handle fault messages in SCA Java simulation
  • [SAVARA-238] - Need to make failure information available in simulation UI
  • [SAVARA-240] - Change documentation structure
  • [SAVARA-241] - Update WS-BPEL implementation based on the updated purchasing example
  • [SAVARA-243] - ESBBroker BPEL generation errors
  • [SAVARA-245] - Generation from choreography should not setup project reference, and classpath should be based on scenario role model
  • [SAVARA-246] - Change scenario description attribute to an element
  • [SAVARA-247] - Import documentation into Project Documentation Editor
  • [SAVARA-251] - Remove swing monitor


  • [SAVARA-182] - Scribble local model to BPMN2 process conversion

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