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  • [HORNETQ-1128] - Generate configuration reference from XML schema
  • [HORNETQ-1155] - Avoid in-lining of our own default values.
  • [HORNETQ-1156] - isStarted() returns true even after exception is thrown during startup
  • [HORNETQ-1157] - isStarted() returns true even after exception is thrown during startup

Feature Request


  • [HORNETQ-406] - Difficulty in setting the LogDelegate effectively
  • [HORNETQ-408] - SSL transport is hardcoded for unilateral mode
  • [HORNETQ-596] - MultipleFailoverFailbackExample ends with failure
  • [HORNETQ-657] - STOMP queue names don't conform to STOMP standard
  • [HORNETQ-702] - Pair is broken and should be removed from the public API
  • [HORNETQ-732] - HornetQResourceAdapter SetupAttempts/SetupInterval config-property-type incompatibility
  • [HORNETQ-761] - NullPointerException thrown thrown when calling stop(false) on HornetQServer instance
  • [HORNETQ-785] - XA Recovery API issue with Discovery
  • [HORNETQ-794] - HornetQ RA gives NPE when no activationSpecs are supplied
  • [HORNETQ-885] - GroupingHandlerConfiguration timeout should be a long
  • [HORNETQ-979] - NPE when redeploy hornetq-users.xml
  • [HORNETQ-988] - NullPointerException preventing Session to create new consumers
  • [HORNETQ-1008] - Waste hof HEAP - FilterImpl holds unnecessary FilterParser instances
  • [HORNETQ-1042] - Pages are not cleared in some cases where filters are being used.
  • [HORNETQ-1051] - Unecessary buffer copy on Netty through the Acceptors / parsing
  • [HORNETQ-1059] - Paging should replicate non-durable messages as well
  • [HORNETQ-1072] - CLONE - Duplicate message detection causes message loss in cluster
  • [HORNETQ-1074] - backup server fails to rename journal data folder "data/journal" during start on windows
  • [HORNETQ-1102] - A deadlock between thread doing replication and thread doing paging cleanup
  • [HORNETQ-1105] - Adding an option to return error when STOMP sending a message to a non-existent jms queue.
  • [HORNETQ-1108] - Large text message redistribution results in null body
  • [HORNETQ-1114] - listMessagesAsJSON and countMessages JMX methods do not include paged messages
  • [HORNETQ-1120] - Replicated journal - backup cannot register to live when security-enabled is false
  • [HORNETQ-1127] - DISCONNECTED warning when stopping HornetQ RA
  • [HORNETQ-1131] - ClientSession createQueue(String, String) differs from createQueue(SimpleString, SimpleString)
  • [HORNETQ-1134] - XAConnection.createSession should return a functioning Session
  • [HORNETQ-1137] - Hanging delivery can block the queue and producing
  • [HORNETQ-1141] - Deadlock involving hornetq-failure-check-thread
  • [HORNETQ-1142] - Race condition between reaper thread and server start
  • [HORNETQ-1147] - Client tries to use local-bind-address when using JMS connection factory from JNDI
  • [HORNETQ-1151] - NPE when sending message
  • [HORNETQ-1159] - Possible to duplicate a queue if a create arrives while deleting the queue.
  • [HORNETQ-1163] - JMSServerControl.deleteQueue is not checking for consumers
  • [HORNETQ-1164] - calling .equals using incompatible types
  • [HORNETQ-1170] - Fix backup bridge deployment: deploy&start bridges on clusterManager.activate()
  • [HORNETQ-1183] - Duplicate queues cleanup test on startup is not working properly


  • [HORNETQ-553] - Implement STOMP 1.1 specification
  • [HORNETQ-579] - HornetQRA Connection Factory should be serialize
  • [HORNETQ-689] - Configure checkstyle and integrate it into Hudson
  • [HORNETQ-973] - Replication Documentation


  • [HORNETQ-196] - Asynchronous failover test fails
  • [HORNETQ-200] - tidy up large message code
  • [HORNETQ-449] - Remove file.deleteOnExit from client code as there's a open bug on the JDK regarding deleteOnExit
  • [HORNETQ-517] - Compatibility Tests
  • [HORNETQ-930] - document establish backup behavior when live is not found.
  • [HORNETQ-966] - Perform compact in the journals before sync
  • [HORNETQ-976] - Rewrite clusters.xml and add pertinent replication information
  • [HORNETQ-978] - Add replication specific information to ha.xml
  • [HORNETQ-987] - fail-BACK not working with clusters using DiscoveryGroupConfiguration
  • [HORNETQ-1083] - Not persisting the nodeID (affects Replicated Backups and Live's that fail-back)

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