Release Notes - HornetQ - Version 2.2.11.GA - HTML format


  • [HORNETQ-645] - Primitive types used in resource adapter
  • [HORNETQ-821] - Inconsistent synchronization in ManagementServiceImpl
  • [HORNETQ-828] - sendBlocking blocks forever during failover, preventing shutdown
  • [HORNETQ-836] - Discovery Local Bind Address cannot be set on the resource adapter
  • [HORNETQ-895] - Dead lock in RemotingConnection
  • [HORNETQ-905] - cannot getObject when sending java.lang.reflect.Proxy object
  • [HORNETQ-919] - Repetitive logging from BroadcastGroupImpl broadcastConnectors
  • [HORNETQ-948] - Unsupported CF properties in Resource Adapter


  • [HORNETQ-841] - allow unsecure invm connections when security is enabled
  • [HORNETQ-916] - HornetQ does not validate its JCA Activation spec

Feature Request

  • [HORNETQ-799] - Stomp to throw an exception for inexistent destinations
  • [HORNETQ-898] - Add removeJNDI() management method to ConnectionFactory

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