Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.4.13.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-10083] - Docs: Add Filename to the list of Default Analyzers
  • [ISPN-10112] - Docs: CLI Script is for Community
  • [ISPN-10131] - XSite: Taking Sites Offline with ASYNC
  • [ISPN-10132] - Updating Docs for EAP/Wildfly Modules


  • [ISPN-10099] - Some modules disable execution default-test but not java8-test
  • [ISPN-10106] - Fix thread leaks in JUnit modules
  • [ISPN-10133] - ModuleLoadError: Alias module org.jboss.marshalling is referencing not existing module
  • [ISPN-10145] - Lock timeout errors do not show which cache they affect
  • [ISPN-10154] - RESTCertSecurityIT.testInvalidCertificateAccess fails with Java 11
  • [ISPN-10163] - Optionally use fat server for tests
  • [ISPN-10164] - Modules which override surefire/failsafe configs fail to use the correct JVM

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