Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.2.2.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-5165] - Cannot choose to run index-less query on an indexed cache
  • [ISPN-5389] - Optimize overlapping range and interval predicates (non-indexed query)
  • [ISPN-5461] - FileDescriptorSource.fromResources and FileDescriptorSource.addProtoFiles should have a ClassLoader argument


  • [ISPN-2145] - No descriptions for invalid jgroups configuration files
  • [ISPN-4720] - Values data reverts in Compatibilty mode in Infinispan 8.0.0Beta3
  • [ISPN-5211] - NPE on NumericVersionGenerator.start() when JGroups configuration resource not found
  • [ISPN-5322] - A WARN message is shown that Partition Handling is not supported in REPL mode
  • [ISPN-5434] - ClusteringConfigurationBuilder.l1() javadoc incorrectly states that the l1 method enables l1
  • [ISPN-5436] - Some ClientClusterEventsTest tests fail randomly
  • [ISPN-5448] - NPE when configuring both SSL and authentication in the same fluid configuration API for HotRod
  • [ISPN-5449] - java.lang.ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to org.infinispan.container.entries.CacheEntry
  • [ISPN-5450] - Remote queries fail when security is enabled and current user is not an ADMIN
  • [ISPN-5455] - NullPointerException when running a script
  • [ISPN-5460] - Prepare commands sent before the target became a member should be rejected
  • [ISPN-5462] - Transaction prepare is not replicated to new owners during state transfer
  • [ISPN-5463] - ClassCastException: org.infinispan.query.remote.indexing.ProtobufValueWrapper cannot be cast to [B
  • [ISPN-5464] - ReflectionHelper fails to detect element type for arrays of generic types
  • [ISPN-5474] - Transactions created when applying state should never be replicated
  • [ISPN-5477] - Compatibility with L1 can lead to wrong return type
  • [ISPN-5483] - JGroupsTransport.waitForChannelToConnect() never waits; fetchRebalancingStatusFromCoordinator() is susceptible to NPE
  • [ISPN-5486] - SemaphoreCompletionService exceptions are never checked
  • [ISPN-5490] - Cache.clear() does not clear the cache store with async store
  • [ISPN-5494] - Node replies with NullPointerException during shutdown
  • [ISPN-5501] - Camel throwing java.lang.LinkageError for Remote Query when running in EAP
  • [ISPN-5502] - Build fails with JDK7


  • [ISPN-3924] - Fix test: NonTxPutIfAbsentDuringLeaveStressTest.testNodeLeavingDuringPutIfAbsent:114

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