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Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-3824] - Upgrade to Narayana 5.0.4
  • [ISPN-5069] - Upgrade to protostream-2.0.3.Final
  • [ISPN-5161] - Upgrade to protostream-3.0.0.Alpha8


  • [ISPN-3690] - Lower allocation cost of instances of
  • [ISPN-3907] - Define a Protobuf annotation for defining numeric IDs for types
  • [ISPN-4491] - Cluster Listener Event Batching
  • [ISPN-4542] - Programmatic configuration doesn't have loaders() method
  • [ISPN-4650] - MassIndexer should not use UpdateDocument when adding to Lucene
  • [ISPN-4989] - infinispan-transport thread name is undefined
  • [ISPN-4990] - Run all security tests in one maven profile
  • [ISPN-5020] - Create OSGi blueprint file for SoftIndexFileStore
  • [ISPN-5032] - Create dedicated GetCacheEntryCommand to simplify code and save memory on GetKeyValueCommand
  • [ISPN-5034] - Non blocking MassIndexer execution
  • [ISPN-5055] - HR security tests should use Vault
  • [ISPN-5060] - PartitionHandling: remove unavailable mode
  • [ISPN-5072] - MapExternalizer no longer needs to extend InstanceReusingAdvancedExternalizer
  • [ISPN-5082] - Separate Memcached and Hot Rod decoders
  • [ISPN-5095] - EntryIterator should only iterate on data container when local and no loader used
  • [ISPN-5105] - Improve distexec demo logging and modify pom
  • [ISPN-5154] - Make JCacheManager/JCache more reusable
  • [ISPN-5156] - Update JGroups configuration files to match recommended values
  • [ISPN-5178] - Protostream should support arrays for repeated fields

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1342] - Support for Near-Cache Pattern
  • [ISPN-3561] - A joining cache should receive the rebalancedEnabled flag from the coordinator.
  • [ISPN-4273] - Create server integration tests for jgroups SASL auth
  • [ISPN-4593] - Expose a method to remove all instances of a type from the indexes
  • [ISPN-4795] - Warning message about forcing to return previous does not apply to Get operations
  • [ISPN-4944] - Improve HR client security test coverage
  • [ISPN-4948] - Package embedded CLI as uberjar
  • [ISPN-4961] - Schema and parser for 7.1
  • [ISPN-4983] - Public API for tracking completion of Infinispan work for a given user transaction
  • [ISPN-5017] - Include the CLI uberjar in the distribution zip
  • [ISPN-5087] - CacheContainerStatsMBeanTest.testClusterStats() is failing
  • [ISPN-5120] - Expose EmbeddedCacheManager/Cache via JCacheManager/JCache unwrap(...) methods
  • [ISPN-5183] - Add java.util.Date support to Protostream's MessageMarshaller.ProtoStreamWriter/Reader


  • [ISPN-2886] - Using multiple DefaultCacheManager w/o jmx leads to JmxDomainConflictException
  • [ISPN-3329] - DatabaseStoredIndexTest.indexWasStored random failures
  • [ISPN-3983] - Remove some performance bottlenecks from ProtoStream
  • [ISPN-4092] - ViewChangedEvent.getOldMembers() and getNewMembers() should never be null
  • [ISPN-4445] - RHQ or CLI server -- cli.interpreter.ParseException in newly started cache for getting stats
  • [ISPN-4816] - HotRod server should handle remote IllegalLifecycleExceptions
  • [ISPN-4970] - AvailabilityException and AvailabilityMode are in the wrong package
  • [ISPN-4974] - Cross site state transfer - CLI ops throw NPE when backup is not defined
  • [ISPN-4979] - CacheStatusResponse map uses too much memory
  • [ISPN-5026] - The Infinispan 7.0.2's GUI demo cannot be properly launched in Windows 7
  • [ISPN-5029] - Infinispan 7.0.2 not fully backwards compatible with 6.0.x
  • [ISPN-5045] - Uber-jar issues
  • [ISPN-5047] - Partition handling user guide is outdated
  • [ISPN-5048] - Relocate some imported packages in uberjars and remove any javax.* classes
  • [ISPN-5049] - DirectoryOnMultipleCachesTest random failures
  • [ISPN-5057] - CDI dependency missing from infinispan-remote uberjar
  • [ISPN-5059] - JGroups subsystem doesn't support Vault
  • [ISPN-5061] - Cross site state transfer - NPE on consumer site when backup cache is local
  • [ISPN-5062] - Cross site state transfer - incorrect status of push operation
  • [ISPN-5078] - RHQ Server Rebalancing value doesn't display properly
  • [ISPN-5084] - Eclipse compilation errors for modules dependent on uberjars
  • [ISPN-5100] - Failover without @ClientCacheFailover fails with NPE in Hot Rod client
  • [ISPN-5107] - UNICAST3 and NAKACK2 table sizes are too big
  • [ISPN-5115] - InfinispanCoreIT.testCacheManager fails with JmxDomainConflictException on Solaris
  • [ISPN-5121] - Distributed executor fails when CDI is not on classpath
  • [ISPN-5125] - EventType methods are not public
  • [ISPN-5126] - DistributedExecutorService ignores unsuccessful responses
  • [ISPN-5130] - Conditional operation warning should only appear for clustered caches
  • [ISPN-5143] - Deploying a cache converter on its own (wo/ filter) fails to deploy
  • [ISPN-5149] - Nested field is reported as non-indexed
  • [ISPN-5150] - Eager near cache tests randomly failing
  • [ISPN-5153] - CacheEntryInvalidatedEvent is not raised
  • [ISPN-5162] - MassIndexer race condition when using sharding
  • [ISPN-5169] - During a replication timeout exception, the trace says it will remove the listener when it doesn't.
  • [ISPN-5177] - Protostream should throw a meaningful error message if the marshalled class does not have a suitable constructor
  • [ISPN-5180] - Hot Rod type converter in Compatibility should not marshall a byte[] again
  • [ISPN-5181] - Map/Reduce fails when CDI is not on the classpath
  • [ISPN-5182] - Narayana 5 requires JTA 1.2
  • [ISPN-5190] - DefaultExecutorService throws ISE if constructed with ManagedExecutorService


  • [ISPN-4863] - Add domain management to server
  • [ISPN-4993] - Expose node and clustered cache statistics to DMR
  • [ISPN-5074] - Update remote query quickstart with the new annotation driven Protostream marshalling
  • [ISPN-5124] - The package org.infinispan.notifications.cachelistener.filter should have a public javadoc
  • [ISPN-5129] - Add a clustered transactional cache example for Infinispan Server


  • [ISPN-4991] - Implement clustered cache statistics
  • [ISPN-4992] - Implement node statistics

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