Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.2.0.CR1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-1220] - Add classloader hooks to cache listener events
  • [ISPN-1534] - Optimise Hot Rod client and server to work with asynchronous distributed caches
  • [ISPN-2580] - Do not request segments from all nodes at once
  • [ISPN-2606] - RollingUpgradeSynchronizer should be accessible as an MBean
  • [ISPN-2613] - Write performance slowed down by IndexReader warmup with indexing enabled in NRT mode
  • [ISPN-2630] - CacheLoader searching/disabling should also take into account delegating cachestores (async+singleton)
  • [ISPN-2668] - Replace the putifabsent CLI command with an option to the put command
  • [ISPN-2684] - Upgrade to Netty 3.6.1.Final
  • [ISPN-3137] - Intermittent failure XMLConfigurationOverridingTest

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-2425] - Amend the xsite configuration and the xsd
  • [ISPN-2481] - CLI: add XSR commands
  • [ISPN-2488] - Drop-in migrator to dump keys and metadata to a known entry for rolling upgrade
  • [ISPN-2524] - CLI: automatic key wrapping when dealing with caches used by HotRod
  • [ISPN-2555] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.2.3
  • [ISPN-2655] - Make HotRod client always read from the main data owner
  • [ISPN-2663] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.2.5


  • [ISPN-1830] - L1: On topology changes lose key requestors information
  • [ISPN-1954] - Wrong ServerWorker thread name in Hot rod server
  • [ISPN-2046] - Lucene Directory producing Read Past EOF exceptions
  • [ISPN-2352] - Second invocation of ClusteredQueryImpl.lazyIterator() yields results in reverse order
  • [ISPN-2368] - Two rebalances in parallel
  • [ISPN-2410] - A command forwarded back to the originator can time out waiting on a key already locked by itself
  • [ISPN-2453] - Locks not cleaned up - timeouts on write operations after contention is over
  • [ISPN-2459] - Rollback not preceded by Prepare sent to remote site
  • [ISPN-2521] - org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.binary.JdbcBinaryCacheStoreTest.testPurgeExpiredAllCodepaths fails periodically
  • [ISPN-2534] - Some tests are not picked up by Surefire
  • [ISPN-2550] - NoSuchElementException in Hot Rod Encoder
  • [ISPN-2560] - Distribution ZIP file polluted
  • [ISPN-2620] - A segment can end up in two different InboutTransferTasks
  • [ISPN-2624] - JDG: Storage-only example: HotRodDecoder: NSEE: key not found: node1/clustered
  • [ISPN-2642] - IndexOutOfBoundsException in HotRodDecoder
  • [ISPN-2650] - Some Map Reduce tests are failing for Topology Aware nodes.
  • [ISPN-2651] - Default useSynchronization and recovery value changes make tests fail
  • [ISPN-2654] - NPE in CacheStatement when no cache is in session
  • [ISPN-2658] - org.infinispan.marshall.MarshalledValueTest.testModificationsOnSameCustomKey fails constantly on all environments
  • [ISPN-2666] - StateTransferPessimisticTest.testStateTransfer fails randomly
  • [ISPN-2682] - Declarative JDBC cache store config does not allow setting key mapper
  • [ISPN-2694] - Fix Spring build caused by HotRod Client changes
  • [ISPN-2698] - Some in-progress segment transfers are not cancelled properly during rehashing


  • [ISPN-2652] - Create tests covering Dist executors - execution policy
  • [ISPN-2667] - Write tests for Query module
  • [ISPN-2676] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 3.6.2
  • [ISPN-2680] - Lucene Directory shall not depend on Hibernate Search
  • [ISPN-2681] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 4.2.0.CR1


  • [ISPN-2473] - Forwarding for non-transactional write commands should be asynchronous

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