Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.0.CR3 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-1663] - Grid filesystem improvements
  • [ISPN-1664] - Upgrade to Lucene 3.5
  • [ISPN-1677] - Reuse decorated caches in Lucene
  • [ISPN-1681] - Lucene Directory should use SKIP_CACHE_LOAD as well
  • [ISPN-1683] - Implement random seek for GridFS
  • [ISPN-1693] - Additional GridFS enhancements and fixes

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1542] - InvocationContext should not keep entries in an BidirectionalLinkedHashMap
  • [ISPN-1545] - Remove log verbosity during cache shutdown
  • [ISPN-1666] - Add EmbeddedCacheManager.getCacheConfiguration(String)
  • [ISPN-1667] - Add EmbeddedCacheManager.getGlobalConfiguration() variant for new configuration API
  • [ISPN-1674] - Use SingleKeyNonTxInvocationContext where possible


  • [ISPN-1546] - FineGrainedAtomicMap key and value iterators are not threadsafe
  • [ISPN-1604] - use1PCForAutoCommitTransactions not completely added to new configuration
  • [ISPN-1637] - AsyncStore.enqueue() throws 'CacheException: Unable to enqueue asynchronous task' Instead of blocking when the queue is full
  • [ISPN-1644] - DecoratedCache.withFlags() fails if it was created with no flags
  • [ISPN-1645] - FileCacheStore.purgeInternal() not removes empty Bucket files
  • [ISPN-1647] - ValueWrapperImpl Class Not Found error after upgrading Spring3.1RC to Spring 3.1 Release
  • [ISPN-1648] - NotSerializableException when trying to access MBeans
  • [ISPN-1652] - Flags ignored in remote nodes on transaction prepare
  • [ISPN-1653] - CacheLoader with BdbjeCacheStore throws NotSerializableException: org.infinispan.marshall.MarshalledValue
  • [ISPN-1654] - Topology view management in Hotrod Server is not reliable
  • [ISPN-1656] - AS7 Infinispan quickstart not working with latest 5.1 CR
  • [ISPN-1657] - transaction's use1PcForAutoCommitTransactions property not parsed
  • [ISPN-1661] - Cache ends up with null values
  • [ISPN-1668] - Null cache values are not allowed
  • [ISPN-1670] - cannot view MBeans with attributes in jconsole
  • [ISPN-1671] - A delayed leave message can block transaction after state transfer has ended
  • [ISPN-1675] - InstantiationExceptions using new Configuration API
  • [ISPN-1682] - Cache.getCacheConfiguration() fails if cache is already started
  • [ISPN-1684] - LegacyConfigurationAdaptor.adapt(org.infinispan.config.Configuration) does not adapt boolean properties correctly
  • [ISPN-1685] - LegacyGlobalConfigurationAdaptor.adapt(org.infinispan.config.GlobalConfiguration) does not adapt boolean properties correctly
  • [ISPN-1686] - LegacyConfigurationAdaptor loses transactionSynchronizationRegistryLookup
  • [ISPN-1690] - Fix the inconsitency around the way to enable a sub configuration
  • [ISPN-1691] - Default transport class being used when parsing non-clustered XML files
  • [ISPN-1692] - Unnecessary dependency on Transport in components that may be used in LOCAL mode.
  • [ISPN-1695] - Parser should support eviction.wakeUpInterval even though it's deprecated
  • [ISPN-1696] - <versioning /> element not parsed with new Parser


  • [ISPN-1646] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 4.0.0.Final
  • [ISPN-1676] - Remove deprecated code from Lucene Directory
  • [ISPN-1679] - Improve logging statements of Lucene Directory
  • [ISPN-1680] - Remove SKIP_LOCK flags from Lucene Directory where no longer needed
  • [ISPN-1688] - Remove LRU_OLD eviction policy
  • [ISPN-1694] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 4.1.0.Alpha1

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