Release Notes - Teiid - Version 10.3 - HTML format

Quality Risk


  • [TEIID-4625] - Consider consolidating/managing materialization status tables
  • [TEIID-4745] - Avoid loading the same file over again when using 'org.jboss.teiid.resource-adapter.file'
  • [TEIID-4864] - Excel translator does not update document
  • [TEIID-4934] - Allow importing VDBs with conflicting model
  • [TEIID-5131] - Create ansible playbooks for the ansible service broker
  • [TEIID-5293] - Add implicit partitioning of joins to non-multisource partitioning as well
  • [TEIID-5307] - Add views referential_constraints, key_column_usage, table_constraints to information_schema
  • [TEIID-5314] - usage of environment properties
  • [TEIID-5317] - Add support for ODBC 3.0 functions
  • [TEIID-5325] - MongoDB: Detect array types correctly
  • [TEIID-5327] - Add support to push timestampadd to oracle

Feature Request

  • [TEIID-4760] - optional object name manipulations for import
  • [TEIID-4784] - Provide functionality to perform RENAME table in DDL scripts


  • [TEIID-4884] - Google spreadsheet throws Error when getting batch 401:Unauthorized
  • [TEIID-5210] - GitBook integration is broken
  • [TEIID-5220] - Add support for information_schema namespace
  • [TEIID-5294] - Bug with the name correction logic (TEIID30151 eror)
  • [TEIID-5296] - With MongoDB, timestamp operations throw exceptions when called on null or missing values
  • [TEIID-5297] - With MongoDB, null is returned from timestamp functions if the same function is part of WHERE clause
  • [TEIID-5300] - ClassCastException during query Optimization
  • [TEIID-5301] - With MongoDB, a query with subquery in HAVING clause doesn't return any results
  • [TEIID-5308] - ENV() function doesn't resolve environment variables but system properties
  • [TEIID-5309] - not null is not enforced for non-virtual system procedures
  • [TEIID-5310] - updateMatView does not check for null validity
  • [TEIID-5312] - NullPointerException thrown when the second time login via GSS API
  • [TEIID-5313] - Oracle translator issue with mixing string types and general issues with non-ascii strings
  • [TEIID-5315] - MATVIEW_MAX_STALENESS_PCT reloads only based upon ttl
  • [TEIID-5319] - SAP IQ translator wrong pushdown of query with multiple JOINs
  • [TEIID-5320] - SAP IQ translator wrong pushdown of dateadd function
  • [TEIID-5324] - MongoDB: SecurityType "None" is not working
  • [TEIID-5326] - SAP IQ timestamp conversion to varchar wrong resulting format
  • [TEIID-5328] - regression of org.teiid.padSpace does not affect to the "IN" operator behavior
  • [TEIID-5329] - Problem with salesforce url
  • [TEIID-5330] - FIRST_VALUE/LAST_VALUE/LEAD/LAG functions always try to return integer
  • [TEIID-5331] - LEAD/LAG ignores ORDER BY in the OVER clause
  • [TEIID-5333] - Complex foreign keys set the referenced key regardless of order
  • [TEIID-5334] - Improve pg/ODBC mapping of char type
  • [TEIID-5335] - "No value was available" in ROW_NUMBER while inserting in foreign temporary table
  • [TEIID-5339] - Vertica join query fails due to unexpected ordering of intermediate results
  • [TEIID-5341] - Cannot extract time components from TIME column with Oracle
  • [TEIID-5342] - If excel FIRST_DATA_ROW_NUMBER is past all rows, the last row is still used
  • [TEIID-5345] - ClassCastException if multi-column dependent join is pushed to literals


  • [TEIID-5015] - Redesign site
  • [TEIID-5298] - Release a new version of arche types for Teiid 10.x
  • [TEIID-5322] - create public ci
  • [TEIID-5323] - info logging of commands is too high by default for teiid embedded

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