Release Notes - Blacktie - Version 5.0.0.M2 - HTML format


Feature Request

  • [BLACKTIE-208] - Support C server automatic restart
  • [BLACKTIE-308] - Upgrade to AS7
  • [BLACKTIE-327] - Support transcoding of message payload to XML
  • [BLACKTIE-336] - Add support for simple HTTP client invocation
  • [BLACKTIE-360] - Support hton in BufferConverterImpl
  • [BLACKTIE-372] - Convert the QueueReaper to an EJB timer
  • [BLACKTIE-377] - Ensure our transaction usage is compatible with AS7
  • [BLACKTIE-378] - Ensure blacktie-admin-services works on AS7
  • [BLACKTIE-379] - Support codec layer in Blacktie
  • [BLACKTIE-383] - Ensure build works on Win2k8
  • [BLACKTIE-391] - Update references to atmibroker-* to be blacktie-* and remove atmibroker-* and blacktie-* as folder names as they are implied
  • [BLACKTIE-399] - Provide an alternative client response implementation that does not use TAO and use this as the default
  • [BLACKTIE-400] - Update BlackTie to build against AS 7.2.0.Alpha1
  • [BLACKTIE-405] - Merge the quickstart deployment script as it is quite confusing
  • [BLACKTIE-440] - jatmibroker-xatmi hang


  • [BLACKTIE-323] - TestTxTPCall: test_timeout_with_tx fails intermittently
  • [BLACKTIE-373] - btenqueue raise CORBA.OBJECT_NOT_EXIST
  • [BLACKTIE-384] - Update to detect the Linux platforms
  • [BLACKTIE-387] - Valgrind errors for atmibroker-tx
  • [BLACKTIE-388] - decrementConsumer can reach server before stomp receives DISCONNECT
  • [BLACKTIE-395] - Fix strspn issue
  • [BLACKTIE-396] - Integration-tests crash on windows 2003 hudson building
  • [BLACKTIE-401] - if JBOSSAS_IP_ADDR is not set, default to localhost
  • [BLACKTIE-403] - Update the CI jobs to use the new database
  • [BLACKTIE-404] - if WORKSPACE is not set we exit not exit -1
  • [BLACKTIE-406] - Copy a users file rather than use when testing
  • [BLACKTIE-407] - txfooapp client example hangs sending requests to txfooapp server
  • [BLACKTIE-408] - txfooapp example server fails to start on windows
  • [BLACKTIE-409] - Callback server might not startup when the service send the response
  • [BLACKTIE-410] - Address already in use issue happens when running btadmin tests
  • [BLACKTIE-411] - hybrid TestSocketSession on windows fails
  • [BLACKTIE-412] - depoly blacktie-admin-service-ear failed when parse btconfig.xml on linux64
  • [BLACKTIE-413] - depoly stompconnect failed on windows
  • [BLACKTIE-415] - XAtmi TestTPConversation fail on windows2008
  • [BLACKTIE-418] - TestTPACall in integration-tests hang on server_done
  • [BLACKTIE-419] - SocketServer memory issues
  • [BLACKTIE-420] - wmic hang in waiting for input
  • [BLACKTIE-421] - blacktie builds fail due to not finding jboss-as
  • [BLACKTIE-422] - btqueue fail due to sending package time out
  • [BLACKTIE-423] - No logging from btadmin
  • [BLACKTIE-430] - Change groupId to org.jboss.narayana.blacktie from org.codehaus.stomp for blacktie-stompconnect
  • [BLACKTIE-433] - blacktie-admin-service-ear can not find btconfig.xml when update to AS 8.0.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT
  • [BLACKTIE-436] - blacktie-stompconnect can not find artifact org.jboss.narayana.jts:narayana-jts-jacorb:jar:5.0.0.M2-SNAPSHOT


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