Release Notes - Blacktie - Version 3.0.0.M3 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [BLACKTIE-206] - Add support for monitoring BlackTie using JON
  • [BLACKTIE-229] - retrieveLogFiles: Retrieve log files operation
  • [BLACKTIE-234] - Alter atmibroker-tx to support a cluster of transaction managers
  • [BLACKTIE-246] - Introduce a metric of TPS for servers and domain
  • [BLACKTIE-294] - TPNOBLOCK not supported for sends
  • [BLACKTIE-300] - Investigate MySQL XA API
  • [BLACKTIE-303] - Update the transport to support sending messages to topics as well as queues
  • [BLACKTIE-359] - Allow symbols to be loaded from the main executable not just an external dynamic library
  • [BLACKTIE-361] - Add an example of how to do replyTo using the XATMI API
  • [BLACKTIE-363] - Provide a callback routine for the user when a server is booted up
  • [BLACKTIE-364] - Provide a callback routine for the user when a server is finished servicing requests
  • [BLACKTIE-365] - nested buffer integration tests
  • [BLACKTIE-366] - Seperate the examples out from the default server and give them their own server
  • [BLACKTIE-368] - Update package and groupid structure to a narayana one


  • [BLACKTIE-147] - valgrind reports that memory leaks in SimpleOrbTest
  • [BLACKTIE-311] - Test for transaction timeout intermittently fails
  • [BLACKTIE-367] - Correct issue in xatmi admin example where memset over length of tprealloced buffer
  • [BLACKTIE-370] - Kill signal issued to a blacktie server is not cascaded to child processes
  • [BLACKTIE-371] - queues with a "." in the name are attempted to be undeployed by the queuereaper but fail with a NullPointerException


  • [BLACKTIE-369] - Convert existing Wiki documentation to docbook

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